Monday, March 1, 2010

Coming up for air..

Isabella is battling on with her asthma and a new
aggressive virus that according to our specialist
is an offspring to the dreaded 'Swineflu'.. It feels
beyond unfair that she'd have to battle two forces
that together present the 'perfect storm'. Unfortunately
Oscar also caught this virus and is home from school
with a nasty cough. Though nothing could make me
leave my puppies, it would be nice to clone myself
and sit here for a few hours.. and just breeeeathe..

By Adrian Briscoe


Urban Style Vibes said...

Oh, what a pitty. I hope they get well soon!! Take care!

Lise M.

A Perfect Gray said...

bless you all.

s a n s k u :) said...

when it rains, it pours. hope health shows it's pretty face again soon in your home.

gorgeous picture!

Charlotta Ward said...

Thanks guys. It is trying times and I am so worried for my little ones. Particularly Isabella who has been very very sick.
Things seem to be getting better now and I am letting Oscar back to school tomorrow.

Thanks for your sweet comments and thoughts.


P.S. Greet - I loved Monika's post about you. She's great. So are you!

manvi@mochatini said...

i hope isabella and oscar get their health back soon. sending you refreshing thoughts. im posting your guest post today...thanks for the lovely inspiration and places to escape. xo

Solid Frog said...

Vilken otur! Skönt att de verkar vara på bättringsvägen i alla fall. Sköt om er! Kram Mia

Nuit said...

what a beautiful blog!!! I am following =D

The Spirit of Abundance said...

Nej men stackars småttingar då!Hoppas båda två tillfrisknar fort och att allt är frid och fröjd igen!!

Skickar dig en massor med positiv energi :)!

x Nona

Charlotta Ward said...

Manvi - thanks my sweet. Oscar is back at school today (yay!) and with the consent of our doctor Isabella is spending 3 hours at daycare (between Ventolin doses..). I can sit quietly and relax for a little while. :)
I saw the guest post. So glad to have been given the opportunity! Thank you!

Nuit - Welcome to my blog. I am so glad to have you and hope you return often. Thanks for leaving a comment - it is lovely to hear back. x

Nona - tusen tack min van. Ja det ar jobbigt just nu, men det blir lite battre for varje dag.

Hugs and thanks to all.


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