Sunday, March 21, 2010

Concrete creation..

It is no secret that I love equestrian influences
and just generally horses in context of interiors.

So you can imagine my excitement when I found
 this old transformed stable - a strict and bare concrete
creation with so much beauty that I fell immediately..

It is so minimal this place, but extremely beautiful.
I love how the house allows for the setting to be
showcased in such a stunning artistic manner. 

The original doorways and general structure of the stable/barn
have been kept and creates that irresistible contrast that I love.

The open plan is completely 'nude'.. too nude for me, but just
look at the dynamics of this room people! Heaven!

.. then suddenly that wall with elongated framed prints in
horizontal and vertical patterns.. A very unexpected sigh of life
and personality in this anonymous place. How impactful and fun!

Once the new beams (vertical) age, they will feel at one with
this space. Though I am all for a strict, almost commercial kitchen
I think this one could have been improved upon. Too strict for me.

I love how these massive (slide open) windows resemble art.
They are the only colourful and organic element in this stark
house, and have such an impact on the space, don't you think!?

.. and a bold impact is what I think the owners want to make.
Little details seem to create a lot of noise in this space.. Drama.

I can hear the hooves echo against the walls..

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Vanya-Endless Inspiration said...

so beautiful, I've loved this place for a long time - was lots a fun to revisit it :)

Charlotta Ward said...

Hello gorgeous!
So nice to hear from you - have missed you here.

Yes this place is magnificent.
A bit too bare but never the less it took my breath away. There is such drama here and I love it!

Hope you had a great Easter!


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