Sunday, March 21, 2010

KwaZulu-Natal beauty..

This is the home of architect Joy Brasler and her family.

A cool, simple yet practical and warm family home with
some wonderful detail that really appeal to me..

Those over-sized urns are just fantastic!
You know how I love over-sized things..!

Love the rug and the barrel shaped tables.
The lightness & transparency are so lovely!

 The half-wall in conjunction with the chrystal
chandelier balances the density of the dark
and opaque walls and floors. Nice contrast!

Love that fruit bowl - like an African version
 of Alvar Aalto! :) (how I love HIM!)

Those dried flowers look fantastic! I also
like the look of that key patterned panel.

That table again... Who is it by? Anyone?

Those organic wooden seats are gorgeous!
That colour wood against dark grey is fantastic!!


Yes, I could swim here in the light of that
candle.. No need to ask twice really..

This little pool side area is very nicely done.
The low seats, decking and table. Lovely!

Frank Features



A Perfect Gray said...

some fantastically good stuff there...

Saara said...

I stared at the fruit bowl and thought "that'd like alvar aalto" and then i noticed that u had thought the same :) how come that u are familiar with him?

Charlotta Ward said...

Yes this home is fantastic!

Saara - welcome to my blog. I am so glad to have you here and to find we share the love for the great Alvar Aalto!
Aalto is one of the great icons and in my eyes it is impossible to love design without loving him.
His curved walls - OMG they are amazing (!) and not to mention his furniture. Several Aalto vases, trays and plates live here in our Swedish Australian home. I love him and am collecting pieces for a post about him soon.


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