Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Aren't these just adorable!!?

Sorry, I can't for my life remember where I found this picture...

Isabella would LOVE little biscuits like these!



Solid Frog said...

Väldigt söta! Kram Mia

Urban Style Vibes said...

Love that! Thanks for your inspiring posts! I have been away for a week and I can see I have a lot to read now:-)


Lise M.

Lumo said...

Bunny bisquits are cute. I have even made bunny dog bisquits to my mother in law's dogs, that was the closest contact to rabbits they ever got... Country dogs, but not too good hunters.

Maya said...

Oh, so adorable..., and so are the Easter eggs!!

Happy Easter!

Bec said...

And just like a chocolate bunny, I would definitely have to eat the ears first!

Splendid Willow said...

Adorable, indeed! There would be none left for my kids! (:

A gigantic hug, big sis Mon

Charlotta Ward said...

I agree with you all - these little creatures would not last long.. In fact, they may even disappear before they leave the kitchen.. :)

Happy Easter to you all!


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