Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Easter eggs..

Though I must confess that in our house Easter does not 
entail any major decorational efforts, we try to find time
to decorate some eggs. They may not be as stylish or
elaborate as the ones below, but it is great fun!

National Geographic
I was totally blown away when I saw this image via the
'National Geographic' magazine - isn't this amazing!?

Travel Ukraine

Ukrainian beaded eggs. These would be great in as part of a
traditional Easter table, but where does one find the time.. 
I wish my days (& energy levels) allowed for things like this..

Cottage In The Making (both)

Just love these simple yet ornate eggs. Just look at some of these
patterns - they are amazing! Love the colours as well.

Sweet Paul

Last but not least, I have drooled over the perfection of 
this egg that was done for Sweet Paul as part of a shoot. 
Wouldn't a series  of these with personal messages for 
Easter-over-night-guests would be a magnificent treat.. 
If only...*sigh*

What Easter treats are you guys cooking up this year?



A Perfect Gray said...

those blues are wonderful...

Karena said...

Charlotta, so amazing, and the time involved. Artists like this just put me in a state of awe!

Art by Karena

*Chic Provence* said...

A very sweet post about Easter Eggs...ephemeral and fragile, here for such a short time!



Splendid Willow said...

I am in awe of people who can create with their hands. Amazing.

Hug to you my friend,


s a n s k u :) said...

wow, that national geographic one especially is amazing! love the sweet paul one too. i love easter and i love seeing artsy easter eggs.

Charlotta Ward said...

All of these eggs are amazing and I wish I had the time (read: energy..) to even boil an egg this Easter.. :)

No it isn't that bad really.. just beating myself up for not having staged any kind of Easter crafting sessions this year..

Off to collect the old Easter carrots from storage now..

Happy Easter to all - hope you have a relaxing break!


Andrew Campbell said...

If one could find the time to decorate Easter eggs like this, the result would be a wonderful and rare personal collection over the years, indeed! Among my many travels, I’ve picked up quite a few eggs made with different materials and also from the original shells. My favorites are the ones with fine etchings in silver, copper and gold; delicate jewel-stone patterns and intricate engravings. The amount of detail and care that go into the creation of these eggs is awe-inspiring. You’ve got a lot of design ideas here – good luck with your Easter-egg making!

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