Saturday, March 6, 2010

Island house tour..

Can it get better than this? Your own private island retreat set in tropical paradise.. I think not, and I'd be a very happy Swedish girl if I was to skip across that walkway and into this stunning home.

This much loved home has been in the family since the 1930s,  and is located on the East coast of Mauritius. Such a heavenly setting don't  you think!?!

Though the villa was recently rebuilt after having been demolished by a cyclone (oh horror!) it has maintained its originality and uniqueness. In fact to me, it doesn't feel like a 'new build' at all and one can tell that a lot of love and heart has gone into re-erecting the home.

I love the mix of modern elements such as the poured concrete floors, ans sleek design mixed with local rustic materials, colours and craftmanship. The simplicty of the design elements and detail are wonderful and there seems to be a seamless relationship between the house and the setting.

The use of organic detail to add warmth and texture works beautifully without over-dressing the beautiful features of the house. And as a typical 'Swede' I must say that I really appreciate the lack of growth and greenery too close to the house because of the wildlife lurking in it.. Since moving to Sydney I have battled many 'un-welcomed creatures' in our home, including possoms, lizards and gigantic spiders.. At first I was terrified, but over the years my courage has grown and I am now able to catch a Huntsman spider without squealing in fear. (pride!)

The house looks inviting and comfy yet has that 'practical simplicity' that I have learned to value since moving to Australia. With the hot & humid weather, sandy feet,  and little bodies smeared with sunscreen things need to be scaled back to feel clean, fresh and inviting. Less is definitely more here!


I love all the bursts of colour. They feel so in tune with the surrounding landscape. Aqua and blues from the ever changing ocean & sky. Lime, tangerine, mango and reds from the abundance of tropical fruits.  Yum yum! 
I think this approach to colour is very true for all international styles of decor - just thinking of my very own 'Swedish Style' and the soft, paired back colour pallets it it is known and loved for.


Yes please! I LOVE lobsters and think I could quite happily live on a diet of seafood..! Add to that being able to fish them off the jetty in one's own back yard and then cooking them out in the open and I'd be in heaven. Can you imagine..!?!

 The best news about all of this is that you can actually rent this house.. For more details, just click HERE . And please. Just make sure you book it outside of cyclone season dearies..!!

x Charlotta


lori & polo said...

would love to know if this house has it's own site with more pictures. Hotel in Mauritius with same architecture, colors and materials. Absolutely love it and a big influence on my building plans in Isla Mujeres! Gracias.

Fer said...

Oh my GOD this is paradise...I am always so drawn to beach, open spaces... no wonder my background...
How is your daughter?



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