Monday, March 8, 2010

Mixed goodies..

Love love love all about this picture.
The panelling, the grey walls, the little
block numbers in the back, the lamp, desk..
All of it - so me!

Very cute little writing space tucked
away under that divine staircase..

The metal boxes on the lower shelf..
and general collection of items on top..

Next time I win a trophy (yeeez) I
shall put it on a pedestal in my guest loo..

Something about that lamp.. and the
colours in this picture..

 Though I have drooled over Swedish
Martina Arfwidson's US home many times
I still can't get over these mirrors..
(well the whole house for that matter -
click HERE if you haven't seen it yet).

Sources: Bo Bedre, White & Wander, 
Martha Stewart and Domino


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