Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Unusual art..

I love it when people make their homes truly personal 
and when they add their own unique mark. 

This example is from 'Absolutely Beautiful Things
and are the blades from a windmill hung above
an old work bench.  The picture was sent to Anna
Spiros (the author of A.B.T) by one of her Clients.

I think it looks great!



A Perfect Gray said...

YES! love this piece. so unique and such a statement...

Terri said...

Wow, I love that! I love unique and personal items in a home.

Haven and Home said...

I agree, love odd items as art, especially if it is industrial. LOVE this picture!

Slumber Designs said...

So simple yet so beautiful. Gorgeous picture!

Maya said...

Very creative and beautiful!

lotta said...

I love "unconventional" art. When my husband and I lived in Stockholm we had no money for art, so we went out with a roll of craft paper and acrylic paint and made prints from manhole covers we found around town. They still grace our walls, some 20+ years later. It is really fun to think of unusual things to put on the walls. XO.

Charlotta Ward said...

So glad to hear from you all.
Yes, I love this approach to art and have made my huz very nervous many times by dragging home treasures that I have found in unlikely places.. :)

Have a wonderful end to the week - hope you are all getting ready for Easter.


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