Saturday, April 17, 2010

D.I.Y. - Fragrant candles..

I just realized that I am not doing enough D.I.Y.  posts.
In fact, I don't do enough D.I.Y. full stop. Must change this!
I love crafty self-made projects and could spend all day
doing things just like this one below if only life allowed. 

The post is from the wonderful '100 Layer Cake' and is
written by a guest blogger, 'Truly Smitten'. Both of these
blogs are amazing for crafty little projects and fantastic
for general inspiration and eye candy. I love them dearly!

Below is the essence of the editorial guide by Sarah, the writer;

Sarah warns that if you are a first-timer it might get messy and
she says it is always best to do a few batches at a time - bite size.

Here’s what you’ll need:
Glass tumblers
Wax chips / or microwavable wax
Candle wicks
Decorative paper
Natural twine
Double sided table
Skewer sticks

First you have to melt the wax in a double-boiler or in the
microwave if you manage to find that kind of wax flakes.
I actually don't know what a 'double boiler' is, but assume it
is a bowl inside a vessel of boiling water. Is this right?

Make sure the wax is properly melted before you pour it into
the tumblers and make sure you put the candle wick into the
glass before you do. The base should be attached to the
bottom end of the wick and top end tied to a skewer.

The scent is added before you pour the wax into the tumbler.

It will take a couple of hours before the was is solid and
cool. Once it is you can start the decorating. This particular
design uses Japanese rice paper and decorative crafting paper
applied in layers as the pictures below show. Needless to say
the options are endless here and you can design your own.

I would love to do this for a newly married couple and use their
monogram on the label, or for a housewarming gift, or for Christmas.. 
I am so going to try this one day, and if you do my lovelies, please
don't forget to tell me about it. I'd love to see your designs!

To read the original tutorial please go HERE.

xx Charlotta

P.S. If you like this project, do check out Sarah's other guest post
and tutorial about how to make 'Rosemary infused honey'.. So cute!

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