Saturday, April 17, 2010

Lovely lakehouse..

 I would love to have a lake house - more so than one on the ocean.
I grew up on a lake and love the tranquility it brings to life.
In summer we'd fish, swim, sail and waterski in/on the lake,
and in Winter we would ice skate on it. In fact I even learned to
drive a car on my lake in Sweden - at the age of 11! :)

Though my dream lake-house would look a little different from this
one, I just love the open white spaces and light that fills these rooms.

This house is located on a lake in Montauk, New York and was
designed by Murdock Young Architects - a firm started up in 1999
by Shea Murdock and Robert Young, and who have offices in both
Manhattan and Montauk.



The house was designed for a close friend of the principals of
the company, and was created to suit a growing family. I love
how they have used their trademark sleek style mixed with local
materials and how elements of the structure are allowed to shine.

The white painted floors, large windows and drift-wood covered
storage units throughout the house are just fantastic and allows
the house to breathe and the light to travel across the rooms.
The massive panes of glass can be sealed off by mobile walls
fitted on the outside of the house. These fantastic windows also
offer uninterrupted views of the stunning scenery and the lake.

All images and many more inspiring projects via HERE.

x Charlotta


Anne said...

I have always preferred a lake house to a beach house. I like being able to see the opposing shore line. That inspires me with awe and wonder-- who lives over there, what is their view, what mysteries await? This house is quite serene. Have a lovly weekend.

Charlotta Ward said...

Hi Anne.
Yes there is something magical about lakes - although not true at all, they feel older, wiser and more mystical than the ocean somehow.
I have a great respect for the lake that I grew up by - it played such a great role in my childhood.

The serenity that comes with a lake at sunset never really exist by the ever evolving ocean. Both have their own charm, but I am a quiet soul and love tranquil environments.

xx Charlotta


Charlotta, of course, you love's like a multi-million $$ summer home in a hugely expensive area, are you sure it's on a lake, not the ocean? I love it too. But I'll take the Northern California or Oregon coast anyday. xx's Marsha

Charlotta Ward said...

Hi Marsha,
Yes, the architects' website detailed the location - it's a lake house.
The price tag is not what attracts me, it is the thought of a open, airy and light filled house on a lake. Am a 'nature girl' and thrive in places set in a natural environment.

Oh yes, your coast line is amazing. Have had the pleasure to drive from Mexico to San Fransisco but am yet to do the rest of the West Coast.
On my wishing list!

Hope you are having a lovely weekend.

xx Charlotta

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