Sunday, April 11, 2010

A dream home..

I first saw this home over at Greige and immediately
told Christina I thought she had found my dream home..
After that I saw selected images pop up here and there,
and then today I looked at the original source - Veranda.
Since I was / am so taken by this place I am posting it
here on the home blog as well. I absolutely love this place!!

The overall palette may be a little too monochromatic & blonde for me,  but
I just love the mix of raw wood against all the cream, white and grey.
The steel framed windows had me drooling, and just look a the detail in the doorway.

I cropped out the desk and chairs by the window - they were a tad too sleek
for my liking, but the rest of the room is divine. That chest.. *sigh*..

 This is part of the bedroom - you can see a hint of the bed
and that chest in the lower left corner.. I love the space in
this room, and that divine collection in the built-in shelf.

Not mad about the chairs, but generally love this room!
..and just look at the floor people! Just perfect.

Wow! Ceiling, entrance, bench.. Wow!

This is very me.. Twigs are always present where I am..

Veranda calls this style 'California Modern'.
I call it yummy!



Christina @ greige said...


I love this house! The texture and colors are to die for!

have a good day!

A Perfect Gray said...

yep, I totally agree. that entrance is incredible...

Terri said...

I am absolutely in love with that chest in the bedroom...

Charlotta Ward said...

Christina, I am so grateful you showed me this! I think this is IT - I want to move in now.
Might have to add some books, art and flowers - a tad too bare for me as it is now.

Donna - yes, it is knee weakening!

Terri - aaah, yes don't get me started on that fabulous chest!

Happy start to the week chicas!


Leah Moss said...

I'm moving in too! I love steel windows almost more than I love those beautifully worn floorboards, bout wow that door! Great find!

suzi said...

Beautiful! Love the color palette with white and earthy tones along with some splashes of soft and warm greys. Nice blog with lovely findings you have here, by the way!

sarah, flourish design + style said...

oh yay!.. I love my old trunk at the end of my bed too! xoxo

Charlotta Ward said...

Leah - oh yes, steel windows! I LOVE LOVE LOVE steel windows!

Suzi - Thanks for your comment - so glad you like my little blog. x

Sarah - Trunks are great! I'd love to see yours. Please post a picture on your lovely blog. xx

Happy Tuesday dearies!

xx Charlotta

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