Sunday, April 11, 2010

I was just over at the lovely 'Gypsy Purple' and came across
this wonderful post about Shannon Bowers' home in
Dallas Texas. The designer herself describes herself as a 
'purist' and is drawn to a typical Swedish palette of neutrals, 
robin's egg blue and lavender. Apart from these divine colours, 
her home also spills over with Swedish (and French) furniture - 
all of which appealed to my self. Here are a few of the pictures..

Am loving the peeled back look and the fabulous potted tree on the table.

Another fabulous pot, and please note those on the bench too.

*sigh*... No words needed.

I love the rough green wall against the white, 
and just look at those fabulous panels on the wall!

More pictures over at Gypsy Purple.



Karena said...

Charlotta, how gorgeous, I am sighing as well. What a nice way to start the day!

Art by Karena

Gypsy Purple said...

Thanks for the mention and link...I just loved this house!!

Charlotta Ward said...

Karena - thank you for that lovely visited your blog last night and am so totally jealous of the lucky winner of that amazing seaside painting! Lucky lucky girl! You are SO talented!!

Gypsy girl - loving your latest posts. Thanks for letting me borrow this. There is so much over at your end - I could stream it all! :)

xx Charlotta

Splendid Willow said...

What can I say? Swedish antiques are 4ever in vogue - timeless and always stunning in almost any kind of setting.

Gypsy Purple rings a bell. I wonder if she visited my blog for that silly Easter branch of mine...!? I am going to double check. If she likes Swedish antiques then she will get an extra star in my book!

Cyber hug little sis, Mon

Charlotta Ward said...

Hej Monika - Ms Gypsy is fab and has a lovely blog.
Swedish Antiques - mais oui, they rock!

x Charlotta

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