Friday, April 9, 2010

From New Jersey to Hawaii..

I would like to introduce you to Jenny - the author of

A truly wonderful blog where the ocean waves meet brilliant
design finds and general eye-candy from all over the world.

Aubrey Road, the street where Jenny grew up, just marks the 
beginning of the fantastic journey her blog will take you on.

Most of the time you land on heavenly posts about Hawaii - 
a place she loves deeply and also calls home since six years.

It is clear Jenny has a special relationship with Hawaii - she says
she finds the people as warm as the weather, and has grown
extremely close to the majestic ocean that surrounds the islands.

 Iiiih - this image both exhilarates and scares me! Just look at it!! 

In fact her blog is spilling over with an amazing parade of 
images of the ocean, surfing and other water based passions.

When she is not dreaming about the ocean, swimming or
stand-up paddeling in it, or serving up delicious posts for us 
to drool over, she works as an editor for a shelter magazine.

Although she truly enjoys writing she admits to being a very 
visual person. This is something that is evident in her blog and
I think Jenny has an amazing eye for style and design. Her take
is clean, confident and always tasteful. Try and argue with this..

Perhaps her effortless ability to single out amazing style finds
is due to stemming from a family of great creative minds?

Jenny herself is pretty sure her talent is part of her DNA -
her father is an artist, her grand father an architect (who built
her dad's family home in the Philippines!), her aunt is an interior
designer, her sister an architect etc etc.. I think it is safe to say
it is genetic and that Jenny's dream to work for Martha Stewart
is something that is just meant to be.  Martha you hear!!

Whereas her job demands her to focus on serving the readers
& clients, her blog is just for her. Jenny says it is a way for her
to collect all the amazing images that she finds everywhere.
To me it is so much more than that, however I am glad that Jenny
stays true to herself and delivers such genuine & honest delights!

She admits to being a fiend for images that move or inspire her in 
some way - be that related to home, nature, fashion, photography 
or anything else. It is clear that her blog is a testament to that - 
and I just love what she finds and shares with her readers!

This was just a brief introduction to Jenny. There is so much 
more to know and learn, and I look forward to continuing to
explore her lovely world through 'Aubrey Road'.

Thanks Jenny for letting me in - I really enjoyed it!
..and please don't forget about us when the ocean
warms up and summer approaches.. x


Images: All images are from Aubrey Road - please refer to this blog for the original credit source.

At the base of this lovely blog hides another wonderful quote - 
this time by  Australian potter, Gwyn Hanssen Pigott.

"I am simply looking for beauty, whatever that is - 
it's nothing that can be explained - only felt. 
If i find it in a single bowl, or wandering line of 
pots, good. I am grateful.


A Perfect Gray said...

I'm a new fan of that blog and am really enjoying it...

Charlotta Ward said...

Yes she is amazing this one! I love her take on style and that she is so tied to the ocean.

Glad you are following her.

xx Charlotta

manvi @ mochatini said...

and why didnt i ever come across her blog? off to check it out now. thanks dear. xo

imelda said...

Marija said...

Aubrey Road is a daily read for me. Totally inspiring. I have no idea how she can consistently produce such beautiful images. Posted beautifully. Love it. A very nice write up! Have a great weekend! Marija

Leigha said...

This makes me long for and miss my old home, Hawaii. Off to admire her work and get nostalgic. Sigh.

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