Friday, April 9, 2010

This sort of thing excites me..

I find stacks of chopped wood irresistible!

 Mama Mia, I would love this room if it wasn't for that table cloth!!..

I think it a Swedish thing..



MALVINI FF said...

Oohhhhh .... lumber! ... sooo decorative! I'd like soooooo much for us to have a stove again, only to stack wood like that. Darn city apartment! Then again ... sooo ncie city we live in!
Lovely post!


Your next post about the practical cookies .... sooo nice! But the cup, also very nice.

A Perfect Gray said...

yeah, call me crazy, but I know what you mean....

Charlotta Ward said...

Veronique - Who needs a stove? :)
I could so happily stack wood, rocks, twigs or any other natural commodity without rational reason!

Donna - thank you. :)

xx charlotta

Anne Hammett said...

I like stacked wood also. A couple of years ago there was an ad for Ralph Lauren paint that showed stacks of wood in a really elegant room. I like that juxtaposition-- the rustic with the refined. I have to confess that I tend to agree with your mom on the tablecloth, however, my daughter would love it. Funny, huh? Take care and have a good day.

manvi @ mochatini said...

ohhh yes. i know there is several reasons we connect and this is one of them. we unfortunately have to take down a 100 yr old tree and i am scheming how to get hubby to allow us to stack firewood like that in our home.
i should show him these images..hehe.

Charlotta Ward said...

Anne - would love to see that ad. Am a huge fan of the rough/refined contrast.
Yes, that table cloth is hideous.. but I can see how my kids would love it too... :)

Manvi my love, so glad you understand. I knew you would - we are so alike on so many levels.
Sad about the tree but at least you can look forward to some chic log styling now!!

Love to all - I am so glad you are here!

xx Charlotta

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