Thursday, April 22, 2010

Great table runner idea..

Am just ducking out from reading wonderful posts over
at 'Anzu' (you will love this blog), and felt I had to share
this great table runner idea that Ellen found via 'Brooklyn Bride'.

Image from 'Brooklyn Bride' via 'Anzu London'

I love the idea of using old photos (read: scans and printouts of..)
as a unique and arty table runner like this. What a great treat to have
old memories scattered on a table like that - imagine the lovely
conversations the pictures will inspire! Would be great for a family
reunion, wedding anniversary or birthday party. Endless uses indeed!

x Charlotta


A Casa da Vá said...

Charlotta you are so sweet! Thank you for visiting 'A Casa da Vá' and leaving such a lovely comment that made me smile =) I am following your blog and hope to get to know more about you and your work

ps: I also LOVE old pictures as table runners! I adore sepia and black and white tones... I even have a vintage camera so I can take pics that look antique!

Charlotta Ward said...

Hi gorgeous. You are so welcome. I think you are on a good path and was very inspired to read about your recent success.

Yes isn't this brilliant!?
I love black and white too and we take a lot of photos in our family. My husband is very talented - has even been published. You can see his work by clicking on the 'Photos by Marshall Ward' gadget in the left column.

Love that you have a vintage camera. How fabulous. You must share some of your photos on the blog!

Thank you for following - I am so glad to have you and hope you visit often!

x Charlotta

The Shiny Pebble said...

Fantastic idea. Gosh I can see the smiles already...

Charlotta Ward said...

Hi Catherine - yes, isn't it great!
I loved the first guest post yesterday. Totally my style. She's very clever.

xx C

Lumo said...

What a fun idea. This would work well for many occasions.

*Chic Provence* said...

Hi Charlotta, what a fabulous idea..and as one who has "many" photos around, and wife of photographer, this is a very cool concept..I'm going to try it for a family gathering soon, thanks!



Splendid Willow said...

Very fun, darling! That would really get the conversation going!

Happy, happy!

ox, sis Mon

manvi @ mochatini said...

unique idea. for sure a great conversation piece. thanks for sharing.

Charlotta Ward said...

Thank you lovelies!

Manvi - thinking about you and the table tops. How did it go with the 'WPost' ?


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