Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Hungry lamps 01

I love stretching lamps like these and have always had a real crush on the gorgeous 'Acro' lamp by Achille Castiglloni'- a design classic.

I know there are more stylish and inspirational pics of the Acro lamp out there, but this one cracked me up..

I love how this and many other related lamps (genre) look as if they are ready to eat the subject of light..  Look at these and tell me they don't look hungry and on the verge of an attack! :)

 Gorgeous but deadly!

Vegetarian beast.

This match seems rather unfair..!

This armchair is rigid with fear!

A seemingly soothing environment if it wasn't for the hungry lamp that clearly has spotted a snack behind the sofa.. :)

Aaah, and now you know just how tired I am..  Off to bed lovelies. G'nite!

x Charlotta

Via: 1. The North Televation, 2. fabulous Griege, 3. Elephantine,
4. Douglas Friedman, 5. Please Sir, 6. Marie Claire Maison



Anne said...

They DO look hungry! You must be quite entertaining when you are tired! Your comments cracked me up. Get some needed sleep, girl. We will be here when you awake. xoxo,

s a n s k u :) said...

i love the acro lamp too. hungry or not. :)

Anonymous said...

what a great selection of lamps! who makes the "gorgeous but deadly" lamp?

Anonymous said...

Cara Charlotta

Castiglioni lamp fittings for Flos are icons. My Arco followed me from one home to the other since the 80s. Now back where it came from. Bacione, Ingrid in Umbria

Jen said...

What a fabulous look! I always equated these lamps to the 70's but girl, you showed me!! They are more modern and more sophisticated than ever! Great post girl, great post.

tinajo said...

They are like giant, flesh eating flowers - beautiful but deadly! :-D

I almost got coffee out of my nose when I saw your comment about my cat - too funny! :-D

Anzu said...

So funny about the armchair being rigid with fear - it really looks like that. I am a big fan of the giant anglepoise lamps - make me think of Ian Walker photographs where he really plays with the scale of objects

Nuit said...

love the vegetarian beast!!! what a great post ;)

Alexandra said...

I absolutely love the "Please Sir" lamp. The form and the combination with the lovely arm chair. Stunning!

Splendid Willow said...

Haha! I'll take any of these beasts - any day! Do they swallow dust too?!

Cyber hug to you my friend, Mon

Charlotta Ward said...

Anne - yes, don't they just. Now you, like me will look at them as beasts from here on! :)

Sansku - Yes the 'Acro lamp' and many other delicious Italian lamps are always welcome in my home. Hungry or not! :)

Anonymous - The image is via the lovely Christina over at 'Griege', and she found it via 'My Sparrow and Glamour' - the post where I borrowed the image is dated 23 Feb of this year. Let me know what you find. xx

Ingrid you lucky girl! I bet the lamp is happy to be on its home turf again. Hoppas allt ar bra dar nere i det Italienska paradiset! Kram

Jen - thank you. Glad you enjoyed this one. Also, congratulations on your 200 followers achievement! Well done girl! x

Tina - yes, I giggled to myself also. Your cat is on the running of becoming Sweden's next top model for sure!! :) Kram

Anzu - Yes Ian's angles and perspective are very interesting. Just looked at his portfolio. Glad you enjoyed this post. xx

Nuit - thanks for that and for your lovely email. Will respond later.
Yes the vegetarian beast is lovely indeed.

Alexandra - Yes isn't it great. Copper. So unusual. I am seeing a lot of metal coming back into design. Even brass is trendy now.

Mon - Oh if they swallowed dust and messy kids' rooms I'd have several around the house! Wouldn't that be great! :)

Thanks again everyone. Have a lovely day/night - where ever you are!

xx Charlotta

manvi @ mochatini said...

haha, you cracked me up on this one. i will love several of these hungry beasts.

blue hour designs said...

Oh man, that vegetarian beast pic is FABULOUS! Love, love that lamp and the table, chairs, plant....everything :)

I'm in love with the design of stretch lamps as well....I need one in my house!

p.s. Charlotta - I'm heading to Denmark and Sweden next week! I hope to take a LOT of pictures while there to add to my collection :)

Charlotta Ward said...

Manvi - yes, aren't they so full of character!? I can't look at lamps like these and not think of beasts.. :) My sense of humour..

Alicia - I have missed you girl!
So glad you popped in and that you like the post.
I need a good floor lamp as well, but am on a strict buying ban until we have moved to Sweden next year..

Wow Denmark - how exciting! You must tell me more. Can you email me? So eager to hear.

xx Charlotta

Ms Unreliable said...

Gorgeous images, I do love an oversized lamp or two, but now I'll never be able to look at one without thinking "OM NOM NOM" :D

xx Kit

Charlotta Ward said...

Ms Unreliable - ha ha! Now they will forever more be beasts! :)

Thanks for visiting.

x Charlotta

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