Saturday, April 3, 2010

I want these!

I would love to have these beds 
for Oscar & Isabella's room.
(Yes, they share and love it.)

Italian Country Living via the fab Plush Palate blog  *



A Perfect Gray said...

Charlotta, it is definitely NOT too late to post something for 'What Makes a House a Home' on Monday! We'd love for you to participate. Think about it, and if you want to, do it! Do let me know if you decide to and I will put up a link to your site!

Oh, and I am totally with you on those beds. They would make a wonderful kids room...

Love, Donna

compulsively compiled said...

I want that room for myself. It made my heart stop for just a second when I first saw it.

Slumber Designs said...

Those frames are gorgeous! I mean REALLY gorgeous. Girl, you sure have an eye for fabulousness ;-)

Charlotta Ward said...

Donna - that is fab. Let me sniff around the house and see what I can find.. Will keep you posted.

Yes - I nearly fell over when I saw them. They are perfect and I want them with all of my heart!
A mission to get something like this has formed in my mind.. Perhaps when I am back in the more fruitful hunting grounds of Europe!?


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