Saturday, April 10, 2010

Inside-out & outside-in...

In Sweden people take great pride in ensuring their
windows look great from the outside as well as the inside.

 via Remodelista

I love that about Sweden, and I love windows!



A Perfect Gray said...

what an amazing shot, Charlotta. Love those bottles seen from the OUTSIDE. and those windows!! divine, especially that wide inner ledge... a complete dream...

have a wonderful weekend...I was just thinking about you this morning....

Greet said...

This is beautiful!
I also pay a lot of attention to decorate my window so that they look good at both sides!
Thank you for sharing these pictures!
Have a nice weekend!

Charlotta Ward said...

I love windows - they are such an important part of a home.

These pics show just that.

Thanks for appreciating it.

Lots of love to you!

xx Charlotta

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