Wednesday, April 21, 2010

So very Swedish..

Here is a cute and typically Swedish flat in the lovely seaside
city of Gothenburg on the West Coast of Sweden.
The structure of this flat looks typically early 40s and
I love the large windows that pour in light to the large rooms.

What a cute reading (or blogging) nook!

I love this about Sweden - the cute little balconies that come
with most flats. Because of the innate need to maximize exposue
to the sun these are often very cozy and dressed - treated like
any other room of the house really. Only it's outside.

Great chairs - so in sync with the era of the house.

Oh, you know how I feel about stacks of wood.. :)

Alvhem Mäklare

x Charlotta


Carole said...

I rather like the sheepskins casually left on seats and windowseats. Trying to think of a place at home where that would work.

Splendid Willow said...

Home sick! (:

And all the roof tops. Sigh!

I have a Pilaster shelf like that but in cherry. A classic. But there are days when I wish that mine was white. Swedish white... But I will never get rid of the one I have!

ox, from sis

Charlotta Ward said...

Hi girls.

Carole - am so with you on the sheep skins. I LOVE them and have them in various forms all over my house.
They immediately make a room feel cozy and dressed. Even here in tropical Australia.. :)

Mon - Jag vet!... snyft.
The rooftops.. the crisp light.. the white.. It's just heavenly and so close to our hearts.. Pilaster shelf - is that what they are called. Thank you - I love how I learn something from you every time. Tusen tack! xx

Hugs and happy week dears.
xx C

Kim Grey said...

I love how open, airy, and full of sunlight this space is! Beautiful! That window seat is especially lovely.

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