Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Mixed lovely..

Just going through my numerous files of images that I have
come across and saved. These all come from one that's called 
'Mixed Lovely' but I have several in the same genre, like 'Nice',
'Random beauty', 'Like these', 'Eye candy' etc. I you know what
I mean.. :) They are all great but take up a lot of room so I will 
try to weed and/or share them with you over the next few weeks. 

Please may I also already say that some of them don't have the
original reference - I am so sorry for this and ask that anyone
that may know the source or want to be the source lets me know.

I love hats. In fact I used to have a vintage hat collection in
my very first apartment when I was in my teens. Sadly I had
to part with it when I moved to London at the age of 18.
This picture is so great and makes me think of a home full
of different personalities - all wearing their unique hat. A
great opening shot for a nice story for the kids.. Must remember.

 Aren't these wonderful. See the little slots on the top - 
almost like you could insert a 'his' and 'hers' tag in each.
I imagine an elderly couple sitting here holding hands,
thinking back on the wonderful years they have shared..
 Ahh.. if only.. My linen cabinet is somewhat different..

 I love this old work bench. When my mother and step dad sold
our old summer house a couple of years ago an old bench like
this one was given to my stepfathers son. It had been in the family
for generations and he remembered his own grandfather using it
when he made some of the furniture for his parents' home. I would
have loved to give that bench a home - I can see it as a fantastic
hallway console or why not a bathroom bench, like here!?

  I love this room. It has the right balance of elegant, rustic
and industry chic. So light and happy somehow.

 Would love a guest room like this. Minus the carpet.. 

We are currently renting a place and have been here a year, almost
to the date. Since we moved in our life has been so chaotic and full
of big events that we never really got a chance to 'nest' properly. Still
we have no pictures hanging on the walls.. They are all stacked in neat
piles around the house just like this - waiting to be hung...

 I'd love to sit here and drink that tea! 
I have a real thing for cow hides like this one.

Looks like a summer or holiday house to me.
A harmonious place full of wonderful memories and happy times.

 Smooth, creamy, tropical and lovely table. Yum!
And don't you love those little silver leaves tied to the napkins
and the fantastic knives - are they bone, antlers or wood?

 Can you imagine..!? Now I know that those of you with kids hear
several voices in your head.. :) Let's just agree that this is a room 
children would never enter.. It is so totally set up for a romantic weekend..

 Are they apple blossoms? I think so and I love them. Actually I love
 all twigs and branches and always bring bunches into the house and
divide them into several vases, low and tall, all around the house.

 I love using wall paper and wrapping paper rolls in table settings.
Such a great way to create a runner for a special occasion.

 Love these. Want these. Think the colour is insane and love how
it flakes and fades here and there. Also love how bow-legged they are.

 So there. Now I am 14 lovely images lighter and I am so glad
to have shared them with you my lovelies. Hope you like them too!

xx Charlotta

Credits: 1. Anders Gramer, 2. Andrea Bacchella, 3. Garbo - Svenska Rum,
4. VT Wonen,  5. Houzz, 6. Susan Anthony, 7. Frederic Mechiche, 8. unknown,
9. Unique Design, 10. Brabourne Farm, 11. From the Bottom of my Ironing Basket,
12. Weekend Host, 13. unknown,  14. French Blue


A Perfect Gray said...

Charlotta. I am pretty much speechless. those are all wonderful. a few are breathtaking. wonderful piece...!

Anne said...

These images are stunning! Your taste is exquisite. The romantic, adults-only space took my breath away. And I also loved the image from Houzz. Great post, my friend!

Carole said...

Absolutely love all of your pictures! Great taste.

Anzu said...

Personally I like pictures propped up against the wall as well as ones hung. Gives a less sort of excessive interior designed look to the room.
The bedroom with the bath at the end of it is to die for - Roman in it's decadence.

Splendid Willow said...

What is not to like? You find the best images, Charlotta!! So much loveliness I do not even know where to begin!

The powder room sink/bench (never seen anything like it!), the airy dining area, the bedroom, the blossoms and the Rococo chairs,

I am hoping to win the lottery soon!

Thank you for sharing wonderful friend.


Charlotta Ward said...

Donna - thank you my love! Humbled. xx

Anne - Yes that adults-only place is fantastic. So romantic!

Carole - thank you dear designer! x

Anzu - Yes me too only we have overdone that statement a hint.. :)
I think a mix is great.
We do have one massive original poster from 1929 (signed by the artist) that is fabulous in our downstairs hallway. It's nearly 2.5m tall. My fave.

Mon - thank you dear sis. I love that work bench in the powder room too. Am kicking myself for not asking my stepfather if I could have taken over his old heirloom. Don't think his son appreciates its true value. Oh well, now I'll have to scan the country side in Sweden for one. :)

Have a great end to the week everyone.
xx C

IslandHome said...

Thank you for your lovely comments you left. I'm sending you a crusty warm loaf of cyber-bread ( as I'm sure the real thing would never clear customs!) - yes it smelt fantastic. Loving the images in this post such great combinations of refined and rustic. Hope you have a great weekend, Julia.

Charlotta Ward said...

Julia - Oh if only..! All your posts are amazing and I find myself just wanting to become an apprentice under your wing. You're amazing and so talented. Wish I had your drive!

Am very glad you are here and that we are on the path of getting to know each other better.

Glad you like the post. Yes, refined and rustic are my middle names. I LOVE that style mix. :)

xx Charlotta

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