Monday, May 3, 2010

Big blue beasts..

Sydney is amazing at the moment. Despite us being well
and truly into Autumn now, it is unusually warm & pleasant.
Though the nights are chilly we are still enjoying beach life
during the day, and this weekend was no exception. In between
a somewhat hectic parade of kids' birthday parties (not our own
this time.. phew!), a visit to a really fun local 'village fair' and lunch
with good friends, we spent a few heavenly hours on the beach.

Marshall (huz) and Oscar (son) went snorkeling in a place called
Clovelly, where they spotted some 'Blue Groper fish' in the protected
waters inside a natural rock lagoon. These were just under a meter
long (I'd sink like a rock if I saw one.. ) and apparently so tame you
can feed them. Having grown up on a lake I am pathetically scared
of anything beyond the size of my foot, hence I was totally impressed
with Oscar (who is only 7 years old) and his courage to swim out to
see these big blue beasts close up. Very proud mamma (me) splashing
around safely in a rock pool nearby with cute water-loon Isabella.. :)

We are so utterly spoiled with such an amazing life-style here in Sydney!

In celebration of this splendid fish (oh you know it's just an excuse..)
I would like to declare my genuine love for the clolour BLUE/BLEU/BLÅ.

 via 'Lorus Maver' Flickr stream

From 'cobolt', 'indigo','ultra-marine', and 'thunder', to 'duck egg', 'royal'
'french', and 'denim' blue, I simply don't seem to be able to get enough
of the lovely blues right now. So in tribute to the shade of mascara that
should never have been worn by me in the 80s, the insane colour blue of
Oscar's eyes, the corn flowers I picked as a child and my addiction for
fresh blueberries, here is a 'smörgåsbord' of blues for you my dears.

Sandra Lane, Flickr and Sweet Paul.

Lonny no 4, Chesse Lee in London, Brabourne Farm

Unknown, unknown and Splendid Willow guest post at Mochatini.

Lumo, Lonny and The Find (book).

Miro, Endless Inspiration and House and Home (I think..).

 Polly Eltes ,Martin Lof and Foxahem.

x Charlotta


Julie@beingRUBY said...

Hi Charlotta
The weather has been incredible hasn't it,... I think I like the cooler nights too.. perfect.. warm days .. cool nights.. Have a lovely week xx Julie

s a n s k u :) said...

i went through a major blue infatuation couple of years ago. even my toe nails had to be blue. :)

Charlotta Ward said...

Julie - yes, the weather is insane and I am so enjoying this pleasant 'after-summer' we're having!
Nice and cool at night and fresh and sunny during the day. The way I like it!

Sanksu - :) Yes, I too go through 'blue phases' and at the moment I am right in the middle of a major blue crush!

xx Charlotta

manvi @ mochatini said...

i am sooo BLUE now. thanks, and i can just imagine how ADORABLE you and bella look while you are snorkeling and she tagging along..SOO CUTE.
glad you had fun babes.

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