Monday, May 3, 2010

Tropical eye candy...

Upon request from a couple of corners of our lovely blog world, I have created a buffet of tropical snacks for you my dears.  Enjoy, and let yourselves be  swept away with these delicious images of paradise..

 I love the colours of the tropics. They remind me of either the ocean or a bowl of tropical fruits - aqua, tangerine, white, sea-green, soft golds, fuschia, lime, yellow and coral reds.

Is there anything better than the look of the transparent waters of a tropical ocean!? That amazing colour aqua drives me wild!

If there is something you learn to appreciate living in a climate like ours, it is the shade and staying cool. Open windows at night call for sheer drapes of mosquito nets, and soft candles in order not to draw the abundant creepy crawlies inside.

I love how the colour yellow has such an important place in a warm climate. Not that I negate the beauty of the yellow in my native flag of Sweden, but there is something so fresh and crisp about yellow when mixed in with neutrals in a tropical setting.

I can't remember when I last walked around with 'nude toe nails'. Seriously, I think my toes have sported coloured varnish since I was in my mid-teens.. I bet that isn't healthy, but I really can't stand bland toes. Keeping your feet pretty at all times is key here.

I am not an huge fan of too much green in an interior setting, but splashes of what I call 'Havana green' used to brighten up an outdoor space like in the middle picture is just divine. I also adore the soothing feel of the hall on the far right, and the soft green of the chest of drawers just above. I think it works best when teamed with neutrals & black.

What is your idea of tropical bliss?

x Charlotta


Carole said...

Everything you mention. Plus weather worn wood and natural materials.
Great post btw. x


Such a great post! I find that I crave these colors in the warmer months - and boy, is it getting warmer here these days(!) Stop by this week if you get a chance, I'm having a little giveaway. :)

Mary said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE each and every photo! Thanks for sharing. I like to add a little "tropical" to my decor...oh what I wouldn't give to live near the water! ;o)


caroline @ patagonia gifts said...

oh Charlotta, I loved this post. no, there is nothing better than transparent waters of a tropical ocean. gorgeous photos, all of them! xo

Nuit said...

come visit dear!!! xox

Alexandra said...

WOW. I am swept away. So beautiful!

Christina @ greige said...

I so need to get away.. thanks for the little trip! Have a good day!


Charlotte said...

merci pour ce charmant blog que je découvre par hasard? Je reviendrai m'y promener...

Charlotta Ward said...

Carole - yes I agree, natural materials such as wood also fit well. As does stone. Love the distressed look these get with the blazing sun and salty winds. Just divine.

Ally - thanks! Yes, me too. I totally go all tropical in summer, however revert to my Swedish roots in Winter and find myself drawn to more muted neutrals. Thanks for letting me know about the give-away. I have put my entry in the hat. Fingers crossed! xx

Mary - thank you for those sweet words. Living near the Pacific Ocean is heaven and I haven't stopped pinching myself even after 11 years here in Sydney! :)

Caroline - Thanks sweetie. Yes I agree, the look of a perfect aqua coloured langoon makes me weak at the knees! :)

Nuit - Have just been over to your lovely blog corner lovie. Hoping you are well. Haven't forgotten about 'your post'. Just have a few things that I had planned before. xx

Alexandra - hej, hoppas allt ar bra med dig! Yes isn't it amazing. I love these images. xx

Christina - I know you worked all of the weekend and I can imagine you are dreaming of a long relaxing break! xx

Charlotte - Bienvenu a Space for Inspiration. Merci beaucoup pour vos mots doux et pour ton intérêt pour mon blog. J'espère que je te vois de nouveau bientôt. x

Happy rest of the week lovelies.

x Charlotta

Kellie Collis said...

ah that water... wishing for summer again! x

Cath said...

Hi Charlotta - perfect 'escape' post for us here in Melbourne this afternoon, soooo dark and gloomy.

x Cath

ps...the blog love post will be tomorrow lunch time.

Charlotta Ward said...

Kellie - yes I know what you mean, but isn't Sydney just wonderful right now. Still so warm. Swimming in May, who would have thought.. :)

Cath - glad I could brighten your day. Left you a message over at the blog and also just signed up for email subscription. Thank you so much for that!
Can't wait to see the post when I get back from Port Stephens.

xx Charlotta

Splendid Willow said...

Charlotta, how wonderful! You know, I have traveled all over the world, but I have never been to a tropical area! It is on my wish list! How lovely would that be. And I keep my toes nice too!

But of all the lovely images, my favorite is the mantel with the egg rocks (?). I am crazy about round and egg shaped things. What a wonderful display.

A warm hug to you sis,


sofie said...

Hej Charlotta!

What a great post!
The whole lot went straight to my heart that longs for tropical heat and bare feet.

I really like your blog btw..

All the best from a Stockholm struggeling with a hesitant Spring


sharon said...

These collage of pictures and colours are stunning - I want to live somewhere with turquoise sea and white sand - NOW!
Thank you for letting me dream a little

manvi @ mochatini said...

GORGEOUSNESS!! now that Im back from hawaii, i am craving tropical bliss even more. great collage.

Charlotta Ward said...

Monika - time to change that and come to Australia for a visit!! x
Your toes would be thrilled to meet equally groomed friends and I can guarantee you'd get a real kick out of the design aspects of the world down under! xx

Sofie - hej and welcome to my blog. So glad you are here and hope to hear from you often. Will pop over to yours and say hi soon. Am just back from holiday and am trying to get back on track of 'everyday life'.. x

Sharon - thank you. Yes I agree, one can never get enough of white sand and turquoise oceans! I am feeling very lucky to live here! x

Manvi - welcome back! Hope you had a fantastic time away. Can't wait to hear about it. Thanks for your sweet comments.
Would also love to hear about 'you know what' - how did it go?

xx Charlotta

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