Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Blog love - 'A Passion For Beautiful Things'

I'd love to introduce you to a girl with the most beautiful name in
the entire blogosphere - Nuit from 'A Passion For Beautiful Things'.

Nuit was named after Egyptian Goddess 'Nut/Nuit' who rules the sky
and who also is the mother of some of the most important Egyptian
gods. This girl certainly lives up to her name and rocks the cyber sky
with her vibrant and varied posts with a true passion for beauty indeed!

 Nuit lives in Puerto Vallarta - a charming cobble-stoned, and red roofed
village on the Mexican Pacific. This place looks like heaven on Earth and
has gone into my book of places to visit. What an amazing place to live!!

All images via A Passion For Beautiful Things'.

'A Passion For Beautiful Things' is a reflection of Nuit's personal 
tastes in design where an eclectic mix of colour, texture and style
come together in an interesting parade of posts that always inspire.

All images via A Passion For Beautiful Things'.

All images via A Passion For Beautiful Things'.

It is clear that Nuit is an inspired soul and I love how she told me that
pretty much everything in life is a source for her - particularly her adorable
4 year old son! The blog is where like so many of us, she vents these passions
and where life, design, colour and decorating comes together in a charming way.

Do pop in to say hi to Nuit and check out her blog. I think you'll like it.

xx Charlotta


Carole said...

Hi Charlotta, definitely added to my blogs list. Thanks! x

Splendid Willow said...

Nice name and nice blog and nice friend in you!

Happy week to you both!


Nuit said...

oh Charlotta what a sweet post, thank you so much for the introduction my friend... leave it to Charlotta to come up with the nicest words of kindness, very much appreciated..

see you in Vallarta honey! {I say we go whale watching!}... xoxox

caroline @ patagonia gifts said...

looks beautiful! on my way to check out her blog! hope you're having a lovely monday, Charlotta! xo

The Shiny Pebble said...

Will check her out. It must be the winter coming that has you longing for Puerto Vallarta, my dear. Just the other day I was dreaming of Fall (Autumn).

manvi @ mochatini said...

great post charlotta and nuit. nuit, i cant wait to see you in mexico sometime, and we can go whale watching. charlotta, you really brighten up my days..hugs dear friend.
ps: trying to ignore the pain, work is really busy, but am enjoying it a lot. xo

Hamptontoes said...

Gorgeous interiors - will check out her work right now.


I still have my apartment there. I will pop over to her blog and say hi, and who knows, maybe we'll meet eventually. You rock, Charlotta, xx's

Nuit said...

Oh you guys!!! come visit!!! {definitely a yay!}

I am so thrilled and overwhelmed by the beauty of your posts Charlotta, you can make pretty much anything seem special ;)

Charlotta Ward said...

Hi all.

Carole, yes do pop over and say hi. She has a lot of wonderful things to offer and is such a sweet girl!

Nuit, you are welcome. You are too cute and I am glad to have crossed blogroads with you. Just look at all these lovely comments for you! xx

Caroline - Yes do. It's worth it. x

Catherine - yes, I am dreaming of the sun already.. and we're not even in Winter yet.. Help!! Hope you are well. x

Manvi - there you are. x Thanks for popping in - I know you are flat out and your arm is still hurting. Am thinking of you. xx

Lisa - Glad you like. Yes she is a great find.

Marsha - hello. Have missed you. x Hope you are well. Let's all run away to your apartment in Puerto Vallarta!! :)

Thanks girls. So glad you like Nuit and that you will pop in and visit.

x Charlotta

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