Monday, May 31, 2010

From cottage to castle - IKEA I love you!

How proud I am of IKEA - I really mean that! I think they rock, and
old Ingvar (Kamprad) must be thrilled over what his team of marketers
have achieved through their new initiatives! Not only have they launched
the fantastic 'IKEA Family Live' site which shares real life examples of
homes decked out with IKEA furniture and decor solutions. Like what you
see and you can click a button to 'get the look' via a visual shopping list of
items available in the store. Genius! There is also a live link to Flickr where
you can view contributions from people all over the world. The second site
has a fabulous new 'party inspirations campaign' - complete with styling ideas
for an array of different concepts - via 'Fest i Slott och Koja'. Loving both!!

x Charlotta


marzia said...

I adore IKEA. you are right old kamprad has good marketers. sometimes when i watch a movie on tv I recognize products from ikea in the scenes ... maybe I'm IKEA addicted. unfortunattely the nearest ikea shops are 2 hours drive from me and m. never want to come with me. anyway ikea it's a female trip. men just ruin the visit with their haste to leave as soon as they get there and go home!
I follow you everyday but i don't have time to leave comments. my famyly (big & junior) are complaining I spend too much time in front of the computer.

Vintage Simple said...

I adore Ikea - good design at affordable prices. Some of the design are actually rather stunning, in fact. That light? Has been on my inspiration file and wish list for a while. And I love both those sites! I'd seen the first one, but was unaware of the styling one... thanks, darling! You're such a wonderful source!

Hope you're having a wonderful weekend.


Ragland Hill Social by Gwen Driscoll said...

Don't you just love Ikea. It's the best. Hope you are having a great weekend.

Raina Cox said...

Construction is under way for a new IKEA 10 minutes from my house.

10 MINUTES FROM MY HOUSE (I thought it bore repeating).

RE: The photos above - the best IKEA styling I've ever seen. Bar none.

Vitania said...

You have to know it's a LOVE/HATE relationship I have with Ikea. They really have some irresistible pieces - I love their PAX wardrobes. I have to check out this site..

Have a wonderful memorial Day Charlotta!


Charlotta Ward said...

Hi girls - yes IKEA has the most amazing concept ever. Was chatting to a friend last night about the fantastic and insightful vision Ingvar Kamprad had when he started out. The more I learn and see about IKEA the more impressed I am. I don't know anyone who has not got at least one piece of theirs, and the fact that they are now evolving and adapting into a more tangible and romantic strategy is brilliant. It balances the very rational core concept of cheap solutions so well.

Love all the styling ideas on the two sites I mentioned and will definitely use that in the future.

x Charlotta

Karena said...

I really wish we had IKEA here in Kansas City!!

Art by Karena

Mariska Meijers said...

IKEA is such a clever company. I love mixing their pieces. One of my favourites is the EXPEDIT book case. Have a great week Charlotta xo

Desde my ventana said...

I love IKEA too,good prizes and great ideas to decorate.
Thank you Charlotte,you are now in my blogroll and in my reader
Have a happy new week,

Greet said...

Yes IKEA is doing great things! You can indeed be proud of it!!
I want to thank you so much for following my blog that well! You are a sweetie!
Sorry that I can't comment all your posts! Sometimes I feel guilty about it but days can be very hectic for me!

Kirsten said...

Ciao Charlotta,
What would life be without IKEA!!
What is also great at IKEA are Gravlaxsas, Sill Senap with smoked salmon!!! Mamma mia!!
OOOH! I love the BEIGE BISQUE color and the origami in the photo.
Have a goooood week.
Love, Kirsten
(I'm catching-up!)

Susie @ Maddie's Nest said...

The layout of Ikea really stresses me out....but once I get over that I always find some little treasure. Thanks for sharing this new feature! I am off to check it out.

shopgirl said...

I love hanging out at Ikea. I was just there yesterday and came out with some bits and bobs as usual. I can never leave there without getting a few things.

Nuit said...

I LOVE Ikea.... and these chairs are gorgeous! Nicole at Making it Lovely bought 8 for her backyard and they really look stunning there.

The Zhush said...

Ikea has never looked so great as it does right here (and I love Ikea).

katrina lauren said...

this is absolutely amazing...what a whimsical feel! i heart this...oh so much!
thanks for sharing!

Splendid Willow said...

Ikea and H&M - brilliant in everything they do! How can you not be impressed! And proud Swedes we are!

Much love,


Solid Frog said...

Ikea när det är som bäst! Härliga bilder.
Kram Mia

Kellie Collis said...

Fabulous lamp! xx

Anonymous said...

Aah IKEA! I have not seen these photos before! They look wonderful! Thanks for sharing.

Vanessa@decor happy said...

The styling in those images is beautiful. I love Ikea too!

juliette said...

I keep meaning to check that site out, and now you've just reminded me again! Lovely, isn't it? =)

MALVINI FF said...

How wonderfully shot! So different from what we see in the ikea stores here in belgium? ... there are so many things a like about ikea, but this post indeed shows another side.

Love the tones


Anzu said...

I love the dandelion seed lights, and they are just waht I am looking for but I am not sure if they might look too plasticky in actuality though. Has anyone seen them in the store?

A Room For Everyone said...

Hi Charlotta,

What a fantastic initiative from Ikea..clever, clever Swedes! Oh, and I checked out My Milky Toof (I'd never heard of it before). My 4 year old and I love it, so funny!

Catch up with you soon,


beauty comma said...

i love this new ikea site, especially these photos - looks like everyone has fallen for them! i think i'm going to use them as inspiration for a summer mini makeover at home.
thank you for visiting - and good luck finishing your five paintings!

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