Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Lumo Sydney Tours (pt2) - the 'Donna Hay General Store'

Hello and welcome back to the 'Lumo Sydney Tours' - 
a little 'city guide privée' designed for one of my blog
friends in the 'land of the 1000 lakes' - aka Finland.

 via Finnair
Lumo is coming to Sydney in a few weeks and has asked
me to share some of my favourite spots so that she and her
huz can prepare & design a rewarding holiday in lovely Oz. 
The first part of this series was posted yesterday. To read
up on where the journey started, please click on this link.

We are following the pink dotted trail and are currently 
having a little coffee break at Queen Street.. 

So let's continue on, shall we...

 Photo by Charlotta Ward

No tour of 'Wonderful Woollahra' is complete without a
visit to the sleek and splendid Donna Hay General Store
that opened on Holdsworth Street back in April of 2009.

 Photo by Charlotta Ward

Before we head down lovely Holdsworth Street I'd like to 
give you a few words on the gal behind the global trademark.

via  Donna Hay

Ms Donna Hay is an Australian Icon - a fantastic food
entrepreneur who in my shy opinion made Aussie food
magazines, cooking classes, food editing & styling hip.
Her immaculate trademark style is well celebrated & is
as much a feast for the savvy mind as it is to the hungry eye.

Her great gastronomical journey began at the mere age of 8,
when according to her bio she picked up a mixing bowl &
just kept on running with it.. Metaphorically speaking.. :)
At 19 she started food styling & writing and soon landed 
a job as food editor for Marie Claire and later also the great
Marie Claire Lifestyle magazine. Soon she launched her first 
cook book and hosted amazing classes for aspiring foodies.
My huz actually attended one of these and is the proud owner
of a signed copy of one of Donnas very first cook books. :)

  Her books are available to buy at the 'General Store' and good book stores around the world.

Many fantastic cookbooks followed and eventually launched
her very own bi-monthly magazine in 2002. A title that sells
wildly all over the wold and is loved for its style as well as 
fantastic content. I have been a subscriber since the launch!

The latest issue is on sale now - buy it for yummy Autumn treats!

The 'Donna Hay General Store' opened in April 2009
and is a two story treasure trove for special gifts as well
as the occasional treat-for-self! I love this place not only
for its amazing merchandise and fantastic confectionery,
but also for the inspirational windows and shop styling.

(click on the images below to enlarge)

Photos by Charlotta Ward

So lovely Lumo-girl, I am hoping you will enjoy no 40
Holdsworth Street and urge you to pick up at least one
pack of her out-of-the-world-yummy DIY brownies kits.

Bring them to Queensland and knock the socks of the relies!

 Photos by Charlotta Ward

Before I guide you onwards to more of my Woollahra faves
I want you to take your time walking down this street, 
and marvel over the amazing town houses, including my
very favourite Woollahra mansion located at no 3! Oh la la,
this place sold for a hot AU$13 million last year!! Wow!

 Photo by Charlotta Ward

More to come in this series.. 

xx Charlotta

P.S. Across the street from the General Store is the wonderful 
'Holdsworth Community Centre' where I incidentally did my
very first commercial mural a few years ago. Pop into their 
reception / office and ask sweet Julie to show you where it is. xx


Julie@beingRUBY said...

Oh beautiful Charlotta!! I really need to get out and about more.. sadly my camera is going in for fixing and I'll have to wait till it comes home again..

You know many years ago I went to a work dinner in a restaurant in Whoollahra .. i think Queen stret.. it was housed in the most amazing villa/mansion... and your image just reminded me of it.. I can't remember it's name.. but it was the most delicious wonderful experience... like being royalty... thanks for the memories.. xxx Julie

Lumo said...

Charlotta... this second part looks delicious!

I have one of Donna Hay's cook books, have visited her web site and have planned to buy her magazine while in Australia. And now I can also visit her store!

Once againm thousands of thanks from the country of thousands lakes (exactly 187 888 lakes + abt. 56 000 smaller ponds...)

Mariska Meijers said...

I love these virtual city tours. Sydney is high on my list of must see places and I hope at one point I will!
You know that I didn;t realize you are Swedisch. I lived and worked in Stockholm for two years. What a beatutiful city!

Splendid Willow said...

Can I come too? I am pretty good at carrying bags...!!

What a generous post, Charlotta! A private tour! Lumo must be sooo excited!

Will you hook up?

A warm hug,


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