Friday, August 27, 2010

Give-away winner and some Swedish house love..

Hello my dears! I hope you are all having a great week so far and that you have splendid plans for the weekend ahead. Just two days away now and I can't wait as we have some great things brewing!

This past week has been sunny & bright, and generally lovely. Now that Isabella is so much better I can breathe, laugh and smile again! :) And apart from a fab marathon visit to to the amazing Tarronga Zoo,  it also involved a really fun dress-up book-parade with the kids, a climb to one of my favourite light houses, solo dinner out with Marshall (at the Victoria Rooms) and a lot of productive work on my final three paintings before we go to Sweden. Yay!

Hornby Lighthouse, Oscar as Harry Potter and Isabella being Isabella.. :)

As you know I have also had the great pleasure to run yet another exciting give-away of a US$60 gift card, thanks to the generous and awesome CSN stores. Yesterday saw the close of the entries and I am thrilled so many of you entered. Thank you CSN and thank you all who entered!

Out of the 45 that entered 39 were US/Canadian qualifiers and without further ado I am so excited to announce that one of my longest and most loyal followers & commenters, Monika of 'Splendid Willow' has won this time! I am extra thrilled as this gorgeous Swedish lady is one of the kindest, most generous people you will come across! If anyone deserves to win, it's her! xx

Sorry I haven't got the source for this one other than that I found it on Tumblr. If you know the source, please let me know. Thanks. x

CONGRATULATIONS Mon, I am so very happy you won and I will email you all the details for how to claim your gift credit over at CSN. You will have so much fun shopping over there and I hope you tell us all what you got!! xx

Before I hop off to bed, I thought I'd share a lovely little house tour from Sweden. This apartment has everything you'd expect from my beloved motherland - it's light, bright and white, with gorgeous bones, the roof top views and lots of sunny character. (Having said that, I have no idea what is going on with all the different floor treatments..) Enjoy!

House tour images via Alvhem

Hugs to everyone and to all a good night!

xx Charlotta


Will @ Bright.Bazaar said...

Big congrats to Mon for winning the giveaway!

I agree with you - roll on the weekend!

Jude said...

I just love the fresh, clean, simple style of this lovely Swedish home! (I need to import some of this light-magic to London in the winter :)). I'm so happy to hear your daughter's better - the zoo day sounds perfect.

Signe said...

Love the floating stairs but bet I would be afraid of walking on them :)

Splendid Willow said...

No way!!! Charlotta, I can't believe it!! Are you sure you picked the right number??!!!

I am beyond happy! What a treat to start the first "real" day after a lovely family vacation.

Thank you, thank you, Charlotta. Your generosity and your friendship is rare and touching. Thank you for everything, dear friend.

And that apartment! Have not seen those images before. Stunning! With my great luck today, maybe I will win that next! (:

Love to you and thank you again,

(can you feel me smiling all the way from Seattle!)


Nuit said...

oh Charlotta I LOVE the first images, Oscar looks adorbs as Harry Potter!!! I am def going to buy that costume for my son now, and Isabella so CUTE!!! I am so glad she is doing better. x

The house is something else, I love the balcony, the white, the touches of nature... beautiful!!! xo

Leah said...

OH these pics are all so incredible! Love all the white!


Claudia Cifuentes said...

your postings are always a breath of fresh air! love these images -- beautiful! will be daydreaming of that balcony today! xo

Design Esquire said...

Congrats to the winner! Your family photos are terrific! I am so glad to hear that your daughter is doing better. Now you can enjoy yourself! Good luck on the paintings.

Julie (brown eyed belle) said...

I want that little outdoor space in the last photo! All the white is just gorgeous! I'm usually not a white 'fan' but I'm loving this space :)


Cath said...

That floral wallpaper in the second bedroom shot is fabulous. Loving the heart made of piccies in the first bedroom image...such a cool DIY idea!

Julie@beingRUBY said...

Yah... for Monika.. how wonderful.. I'm so happy for her, and ... happy for you dear friend that Isabella is feeling better... let's of that is the new course!!

Loving these light and airy homes today.. Have a wonderful weekend.. xxx Julie

Stacey said...

Hooray for Monika!I'm happy she won too. Oscar makes the most handsome Harry Potter and Isabella is as gorgeous as ever, even when she makes funny faces:-). I'm happy to hear that she is feeling much better too.


Glad Isabella is feeling better sweetie! And congrats to Monika!

Hope you have a fabulous weekend :) xoxo

Lumo said...

I am glad to see Isabella doing better now.

Dinner in Victoria room... We loved the place and food, thanks again for arranging the table for us.

Oh, that Swedish apartment... when can I move in?

Alexandra said...

Wow. Charlotta, I would love to live in that Swedish apartment. It does not really look like my home. haha. But it gave me an idea. I might actually take som nice pictures of our apartment. I just love the "funkis" style. We live in a very small apartment in the central part of Stockholm. And I think it is a standard way of living for couples without children today. Yes, this weekend I will do that.

I hope all is well!!


Style Attic said...

Oh that's lovely! The giveaway, your beautiful children, the fresh interiors, i can only image how great your zoo is, and of course Monika!! May you both have a "splendid" weekend :) XO, Kel

Vintage Simple said...

Yay for Mon, and OMG I love that home!!! And your kids, of course you know this, are gorgeous.

much love,

caroline @ patagonia gifts said...

oh my goodness Charlotta! Oscar IS harry potter! so cute! and Isabella so adorable!

Jean said...

What a great post! Congratulations to the winner. Such a cute giraffe. Love them.

Tina said...

Love the Swedish town house. Amazing!
Big congrats to Mon!
Nice to hear that Isabella is feeling better and you as well. Sounds you´ve had a really fun, great weekend!

Anonymous said...

What a lovely and cozy home! Great use of space eg under the stairs (although this is obviously a no-kids home because those stairs would be too dangerous for little ones!)

VICTORIA said...

Stunning Photos!!!I do really love white color,very fresh and so airy-felling.Bedrooms are obsession-worthy,White has a wonderful flow that almost feels restful and dreamy to me. I’ve always loved to live in white rooms, And the combination of white paint & wood color in the dining room. Love all of them!

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