Saturday, September 4, 2010

Hungry Lamps 02..

My regular and long-term readers will be familiar with my somewhat dry humor and amusement with the personality of certain lamps - so called (by me) 'hungry lamps'.. For history on this theme please click HERE..

Don't let the homely feel of this image allure you into a false sense of security.. This gorgeous little beast will strike at the speed of a cobra.. The cat knows it and is too scared to move..

This long legged beauty doesn't care we think it is stunning.. It is on the hunt and has spotted a snack... Pillows be ware..!

These Eames chairs are terrified and stopped chatting mid-sentence.. You can tell they are holding their breath..!

This beautiful but brutal brass beast is ready to strike! The striped pillow escaped to safety, but the chair didn't have time to get away.. Look how it is trying to sink through the floor..

Fierce & ferocious twin hunters waiting for the perfect moment to take  out the innocent blue & white pillow that seems absolutely stiffened by fear!

Don't be fooled by the fake shyness..! This industrial fox is terribly sly and will spare no logs in that basket. Listen carefully and hear a faint squeak of one of the castor wheels...See the logs trying to pile up in the far end of the basket...

Have a splendid weekend all! :)

xx Charlotta

P.S. ..and no.. I haven't gone completely mad.. I'm just tired.. :)


P/F said...

Since I saw your previous post about 'hungry' lamps, I find it impossible to see one without thinking of it's hungry or curious nature. ;)

Living It At Home said...

Love it! If you look hard enough in life you can find the personality in almost any inanimate object! Fun and I won't look at lamps the same way again! Take care!

A Perfect Gray said...

Charlotta, that was the BEST! laughing all the way through....

great stuff. Donna

samantha. said...

this just tickles me :)
love the anthropomorphism!


Stacey said...

I loved how you described each picture like a scene and gave life to the objects. Hilarious!:-) xx

Splendid Willow said...

Hahaha! What a fun post. You put a big smile on my face!

I wouldn't mind any of those hungry beasts moving into my house. I could place one close to me -- in the kitchen. We would fast be great friends - connecting over my lamb stew!

Happy weekend to you and your family!

ox blog sis

Signe said...

Hihi, great post! My first time with your 'hungry lamps' and I love it!

Also the white chair is to die for. If it makes it out alive that is :)

Style Attic said...

I totally get your sense of humor and I love every bit of it! What a great laugh/read. I almost spit my drink out on the twin hunters! I keep scrolling back to that space because it's so beautiful a bedroom in it's own right. I too get witty when I'm tired :) Rest well my dear, you have posted the best laugh of the day! XO, Kelly

IslandHome said...

oh lordy I have tears of laughter rolling down my cheeks! Thank you for a happy space on this rather odd Saturday morning as I sit here worrying about family in Christchurch in the earthquake and family in Cape Cod as Hurricane Earl comes through. Needed that little dose of laughter, have a fabulous weekend, Julia.

Debra Phillips said...

you are hysterical with a delightful perspective. thanks, needed a good laugh!

Vanya-Endless Inspiration said...

Brilliant Charlotta!

Very clever :)

Tina said...

I love the industrial lamps and the hungry story for each and everyone of them.
A big laughter here this morning!
Love your sense of humour!

tinajo said...

Haha, now you made me laugh - I love your sense of hunour! :-D

So sorry I haven´t had the time to reply on your email, it has been crazy here at home lately. I have a thousand things to do but seem to get little done, and yet I´l always busy! How does that add up?! :-D

Have a great weekend, hugs!

Kerry said...

Mad? Tired? It's all good when you come up with something like that Charlotta...I loved it and it made me smile :)

rambleswithreese said...

This is really poetic Charlotta! I never would've thought that reading about lamps would make me smile! .-))

Hope you're having an awesome weekend!

Sasha {Everything Fabulous} said...

hahaha I would never be able to look at a hungry lamp the same....!!! Hope you are enjoying your weekend!!!

Dovecote Decor said...

Charlotta: I will never, ever be able to look at lamps like that without thinking of cobras. You aren't crazy, you are correct!

Cath said...

We love your sense of humour... don't ever change that! These lamps ROCK, they're so versatile and work in so many different spaces.
x Cath

Display Home Melbourne said...

I'm loving the interiors' display and design elements! Thanks for sharing. I'm amazed that I found this awesome blog.

rachel faucett said...

I'm a big fan of hungry lights myself–great finds!

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