Monday, February 7, 2011

Give-away winner and life..

Hello my friends! Hope you have had a nice and relaxing weekend and that you are ready for this brand new week!
It's been a big week for me. In more ways than one, and I am exhausted - emotionally and physically. I will spare you the details but want you to know that this is the reason for my delayed responses to some truly amazing emails, sparse blog comments and posts lately.. Things will settle & return to a nicer & more harmonious pace soon and with that I shall become better blog friend again. xx

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Now to happier and more fun stuff! We have a winner of last week's give-away and without further delay CONGRATULATIONS Shari of 'Little Blue Deer'! Darling, please pop me an email so that I can pass along the details for your win. xx

Thank you everyone who entered! I saw many new and old names in the list. It's always fun to meet new friends and of course equally lovely to be given a chance to spoil old & dear ones. On that note I want to also thank CSN once more for giving me the opportunity to do so. xx

Before I go I want to share a beautiful house tour that the fab Anne of the City Sage treated us to recently. It's featuring designer Thomas O'Brien's Long Island home and  I just cant get enough of some of these rooms.. Enjoy!

I feel very at home in calm, neutral and light-filled rooms such as this one. Though it feels pleasantly ordered and airy, there are in fact quite a few objects stacked and arranged around the room. What I find appealing is how the neutrals (& whites) magically and effortlessly fuse it all together in a soft whisper. Nothing feels contrived or forced, and the eye is allowed to discover the layers of detail at a slow & gentle pace.

Who hasn't photocopied a hand (or face..) at least once..?!? :)  Though the print on the mantle is probably more likely a photograph, I really like how it reminds me of silly photocopier experiments. It's simple, fun and different.
I have an ongoing project in Sweden where I collect hand prints from members of my family.  I paint their hands with acrylic or water colour and then imprint them on paper. I have several prints but am determined to start over and do them all in the same colour before I have them scanned and fused into one large artwork. It is my way of creating a 'family tree'.. I will share more on this at a later stage.

Now back to our house tour..

Though nice, the kitchen is perhaps my least favoruite room in the house. That said, the clean and white crispness appeals to me. In fact I find it very hard to do any kind of creative work in rooms painted in stronger colours.. cooking or otherwise. Not that I dislike colour, because I don't, (!) it's just that my mind needs a 'colour-free' base to bounce off when working.

Isn't it amazing how 'homely' a room feels when parking a few pairs of shoes in it.. ?! :) 
That aside, I am very attracted to the tall, dark & handsome stranger in the corner.. A glossy black cabinet like that can move in with me any day.. and I have since for ever been a fan of the Danish 'Ant chairs'. Especially the 3-legged originals..!

Ok my lovelies, that is it for today. Once again, apologies for the void here and in your in-boxes. I love you lots and will be back in full force soon.. :) xx

xx Charlotta

P.S. Click HERE to watch a brilliant commercial. I love it!


Tina said...

Hi Sweetie!
Im so sorry to hear that you are not feeling so well right now(this makes me worried!). I hope everything will be okey soon!!!
The Long Island home looks amazing. Bright, light and beautiful. Love all of the details, makes me look at each and every pic for a looong time!
My thoughts are with you, and whenever you feel like 'talking' you know where to find me!!!
Massor med KRAMAR till Dig!!!

Cornflakes and Honey said...

Charlotta, I hope everything is okay! Taking a little bloggy break is so totally fine as we all understand that life takes over, especially with a family. :-)

Thanks for sharing, this home is gorgeous, so much to swoon over! Wishing you a great week ahead and some relaxation xx

shopgirl said...

Oh, Charlotta....I feel for your sweetie. I think I know how you feel....I've had a pretty bad week or several weeks and am mentally and physically exhausted too. Hang in there. You can do it! :-))

One breath at a time.


jeanette from everton terrace said...

I was sick in bed all last week and just getting back in the saddle myself, hope you are finding some peaceful moments. I love this house. We have a neutral and very white home and I find it very peaceful and relaxing. Also, I have "photocopy" art framed and on the wall, my daughter's face, hand and foot from when she was a little girl - we love it.

LiveLikeYou said...

Hej Charlotta hope everything that's going on turns out alright. Understanding life is knowing that it has ups and always helps me no matter how simplistic that sounds...

Julie@beingRUBY said...

Hi Charlotta
Sorry to hear you have had troubles.. me too.. I didn't blog.. nor take any photos for two weeks!!! living in a world of crazy.. but getting a bit better now.. Hope your's is also... at least we survived the heat wave!!

Take care... beautiful house tour also!! ciao xxx Julie

Amy R. said...

Congrats to Shari! I just love her:) The home pics are just gorgeous!

Amy R.

paula said...

hope you feel better soon! that kitchen is such a dream.

Global Atelier said...

What a great idea with the hand prints of family members - love it!!! I hope all is well with you and know I'm thinking really good thoughts for you Charlotta!

Casa Très Chic said...

I love Thomas O'Brien's work,I just bought his LIFTING THE CURTAIN ON DESIGN book, it's fantastic and so is your post.
Hope you feel better soon!
Hugs from Brasil

Style Attic said...

Dear Charlotta,

Congrats to your lucky followers, Shari is so deserving! Thank you for the house tour, those always brighten my day! I sure wish there was something I could do to brighten yours dear :D You're the best, get in touch with me if you ever need. XO, Kelly

Style Maniac said...

You know, we can each of us only do so much. Take care of yourself, first. Your readers (including new ones like me) will be here when you are ready. Wishing you sweet and lovely days ahead.

Nuit said...

what an amazing house!! I love every corner. Sweetie, I hope you have a better week and all I want to say is everything happens for a reason, and also, nothing lasts forever. Things will go back to normal before you know it. Many hugs and kisses your way!!!

Morning T said...

OOh, love love love this house! Congrats to Shari and hope things are better for you today.

Stacey said...

Hi Charlotta,
Don't hesitate to email me if you need anything(some Jamaican soup maybe?;-)). I know we're oceans apart, but i'm here. It's funny how i am a colour addict, yet i still love spaces like these. Perhaps, it's the fact there is a variety of textures and the warm woods add a nice punch against the white. A lovely home indeed. Congrats to Shari too, she is an awesome person and deserves to win. Well, i hope you get some rest and come back here feeling refreshed and renewed. XX

designchic said...

Just love this home...serene and sophisticated. Hope you are feeling much better soon!!

Global Atelier said...

Charlotta - I'm touched that you will be featuring my blog on your beautiful site. It means so much to me. I hope your week is improving - sending you good thoughts and hugs!

Anna of IHOD said...

That is just about as close to my dream kitchen as I have ever seen. Beautiful.
Hope you are catching up in all areas of your life and that rest and peace fill your week!

Charlotta Ward said...

You are all so sweet, and it has made such a difference to get your kind and well-intended comments. Thank you!

I am feeling better today and have caught up on much needed sleep after what has been a trying ten days.

Big hugs and thanks again to all of you!

xx Charlotta

A Perfect Gray said...

love you, charlotta....

Leigha said...

Thinking of you my dear...and dreaming of the family tree you are making - it sounds breathtaking. You are a creative little minx.


Terri said...

Charlotta dear... so sorry to hear that life has been tough lately. It's so hard to have the energy to do anything when life is exhausting. I hope things get better for you soon. :-(

one sydney road said...

hope everything is ok - sorry to hear that things have been rough lately. hang in there, my friend, and know that you have people sending their love!!

Trish said...

Hello dearest Charlotta,
Just a little note to say hello and that I've been thinking of you and hope all is well! Congrats to Shari, lucky girl! Love the orange toes, too cute :)

Sending smiles and hugs xoxox

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