Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I'd like to introduce you to..

First of all thank you for the kindness & care I have been showered in after my last post..! It really is amazing what a positive impact a friendly email or comment has, and receiving them from you guys felt like being given warm hugs from far and near. THANK YOU everyone! xx

Speaking of love and friendship.. There are a lot of magnificent blogs out there and I am once again struck by a feeling of privilege & thrill being able to tap into this virtual world that is so full of tangible personalities, expressions of style, heartfelt posts and general inspiration. It blows my mind at times and as such I thought I'd use today's post to share some blog loving with you.

I have recently discovered and re-discovered some brilliant weblogs. Some have been part of my 'blog-roll' for quite some time where as others are new to me.

One of my fave new finds is an amazing 'blog duet' authored by Lorraine Pennington, an LA based designer and artist.
This extremely talented girl (!) had me leaning in VERY close to the screen for three reasons: her blog, her art (OMG!) and her jewelry! Here's a snippet of what made me so excited, but please don't leave it at this.. instead click HERE, HERE and HERE to discover more and marvel in her amazing works!

I fell head-over-heels in love with Lorraine's paintings and would love to own at least one of her pieces one day! Also really like her hand-made jewelry - especially the big chunky rings and that romantic flower necklace... 

Before I take you over to another blog haven, please enjoy pictures from some of Lorraine's recent posts..

Open, light, airy and sleek - this home would be perfect for Sydney. I'd move into that infinity pool and sit there all day and stare at the big blue beneath..! Is there anything more soothing..?!

How sexy aren't these rolls of black artwork. I just love the simplicity and imperfection. What a fabulous piece to hang in the right space..!

This loft needs no words really.. I just can't get enough of the beams and the natural light from those fabulous slanted skylights... And please also note the doorway.. A 'half door' it seems at first...but actually it is a double width passage (an old bearing wall removed).. Looks quirky from where the photographer is standing, especially with that intriguing 'hanging wall' to the left..

Elegant and understated with killer floors, and all that light..! I also enjoy the play of dimension & perspective in the way they have hung the mirrors. Simple yet striking.

I am not at all keen on the table or chairs in this room, but the artwork caught my eye. (I am in some sort of 'art mode' a the moment I think..). I love the boldness of black/white photography when it's used in over-sized format and ever since my last post I am helplessly drawn to photos of human body  parts - a hand, lips, an eye.. I might even ask my photography savvy husband (aka 'Treats') to snap some close ups of the kids. Would look cute in their rooms..

Apart from me wanting to adopt this dog (just look at him there with his floppy ears..!), I really like the simplicity of these two rooms. Perhaps it is the tired mother in me that crave a clean and bare home like this..?!? Also love the black sculpture next to the staircase - it has the same balance of force and softness that I so favour in Henry Moore's work.

Ok, so my next introduction is the awesome 'Global Atelier' - a fresh, clean looking, and warm blog that spills over with pure decor nectar & eye candy. It's written by Julie Goebel who currently lives in Portland (Oregon), but like myself has a drop of 'gypsy blood' in her, and have called many other places home as well.
Julie has a real eye for design and I love every visit to her fabulous world of interiors! Here are some of the reasons why..

That chair..with the mirror..and the bird..the floor..that framed 'creature'.. It's just lovely isn't it!?!

There is something with dark grey tufted velvet that gets me every time.. I'd quite happily sit there under that sparkly chandelier and flip through that tempting big book..!

I think we have all drooled over the stunning images from the 'Sisters Agency' but I never tire of seeing this particular home that Ms Global Atelier chose to share.

Aaaaawww.. Isn't he just adorable!?! I simply couldn't resist including this young man that is so cute I could eat him all up!! :)

Isn't this a fun way of replacing a headboard? And though a shaggy pillow like the one on the bed could never make it into our 'asthma proof home' I love it's 'personality'. Cracks me up..

Yum yum! Am licking my lips over this studio/atelier. What a dream to one day own a house big enough to host a corner like this pour moi.. :)
Before you feel sorry for me.. I do have a studio where we live now, only not anything near this splendid one.!
Also note the desk, and all the fantastic old photographs hung, stacked, and displayed all over the room. I feel no need to even carry on about the window, the skylight and those beams.. *sigh*

Last but not least I just know you will love 'Casa Tres Chic' which is written by a lovely architect & interior design team from Brazil. In fact this blog has the same joie de vivre that I associate with their beautiful country, and in their happy corner of the blogosphere you will find delicious posts with design, decor and house tours from all over the world.

This Andy Warhol artwork on the wall reminds me of Marimekko and their famous Unikko pattern... Only this one is better! Really like the playfulness and the size.. As you know by now, I like my art big and bold..!

I wish I could crawl through my screen and into this amazing setting! I am close to addicted to crustaceans and am certain I could live quite happily on a diet of lobsters, crayfish and prawns alone..! At least if I could throw in a delicious sallad, a glass of chilled white wine and some fabulous company...! Any of you care to join me? :)

I think he combination of colours here is wonderful. As is the simple but striking artwork. I love that the black rectangle is askew. It makes it so much more interesting don't you think?!?

This is one house tour you don't want to miss!  The design work is done by talented Kara Mann I love the way she has fused this home together. You can definitely tell that she has a drawn on her skills in fashion, decorating and design to make this wonderful home. Click HERE to see the post and marvel over the fabulous Suzani pillows etc..

Isn't the row of blackboards cute!?! If you can get past the brilliant 'buffet/bar door's that is.. :) Also think the water bottle collection is great. Personal collections are always fun and at times 'more is simply more' don't you think!?!

Another row of blackboards, and here they feel so relevant. In fact this would be an ideal solution for our manic household. It might make us all remember the essentials every day when we dash out of the house.. :)

Ok my dears, that is it for today, but before I go, thank you once more for your kindness. I feel truly wrapped in love thanks to you!

xx Charlotta


Global Atelier said...

Thank you for your very kind words - it is so kind of you. So...when I reworked my blog in December I accidentally deleted the "about me section". I promise to update it very soon! I'm Julie Goebel - I live in Portland, Oregon but like you I have lived in many parts of the globe including: Mexico City, Munich, Switzerland, Texas, and Washington D.C. - gypsy at heart!!! I'll do a proper "about me" after my week of camping is over! Again, thanks for the shout out!!! Have a great week Charlotta!

Beadboard UpCountry said...

Hi Charlotta!
Hope you are feeling better, if this post is any indication I think you are!Thanks for the heads up on these new blogs, I love the picture with the dog.....Maryanne

Urban Style Vibes said...

Wow, thanks for sharing these great blogs! I love that stunning, divine home by the sea as shown above. Can you bring me there;-)


Lise M.

PS. I will drop you an e-mail re. the Meet the Blogger event. It would be great if you can post it on your lovely blog. Thx!

Will @ Bright.Bazaar said...

Sorry I have been off radar for a few days, Charlotta - I missed checking in with you!

Thanks for the introduction to these blogs - that blackboard entryway organiser is brilliant!

Hope you are all keeping well. Hugs. xo

Solid Frog said...

Hej Charlotta, vilka härliga bilder och fullmatat inlägg. Jag var visst inte följare hos dig heller upptäckte jag. Men nu är jag :)

Casa Très Chic said...

Thank you o much for indicating our blog between the fabulous 2BMODERN and GLOBAL ATELIER, you made our week, and the next, and the next.
All the affection you showed in this post proof that you have overcome your problems, and I'm happy for that.
Have a nice day.

jeanette from everton terrace said...

Oh yes I can certainly see why you are taken with these blogs, fresh and tres chic. I can't stop thinking about the unique light fixture above the dining table (the one with the lips photo in it). Off to check out your Ikea Hackers link - thanks for the heads up :)

Lysande ögonblick! said...

Charlotta! Thank you for all new and lovely blogs you are recommending. I will look at them all of course.

A big hug!

designchic said...

Oh Charlotta, I know how I will be spending my morning...thanks for the gorgeous links!!

Queen A said...

wow!!! the pics are really amazing!! full of light!!
youve got art!!

Style Maniac said...

Bloglovin' indeed! Thanks for the tips, off to check them all out. But first may I just say: that red painting! I want i want i want.

SnOOp said...

Oh wow what a great introduction to some new blogs I have not yet discovered. Thank you. The chunky knit throw is so so gorgeous. I think I'm in love. Is it ok to be in love with an object? Silly question to ask this late in life xxx

spark! (Ada-Marie) said...

Thank you so much for finding my blog and leaving such a sweet comment. I have been following your Tumblr site for a while, but had no idea that you were a blogger too. I have added you to my reader. Great blog! xxoo, Ada-Marie

samia said...

Hi charlotta

Thankyou so much for the lovely post.. i am already in love with them.. and yes blogging is a wonderful amazing mesmerizing world indeed.. and we are so fortunate to be a part of it! thankyou so much for stopping come over again.. :

xx Samia

Rachel @ Little Bits of Lovely said...

Hi Charlotta, thank you for the introduction to these great blogs! I love making new blog discoveries, and these look amazing! Hope your having a super week xx

Mrs. French said...

I love getting to explore new blogs. these seem wonderful!

Danielle said...

Thanks so much for sharing! Glad I found your blog...I can tell I'm going to enjoy it!!!

lorraine pennington said...

Charlotta, thank you so very much for all you kind words, i spend so much time creating that i need to spend more time getting more exposure , and you have given me a great gift by telling you bloggers, a big hug to you, lorraine

Splendid Willow said...

Very talented bloggers indeed! I know Tereza already and she is always so friendly!

So many wonderful art pieces everywhere. I really should work in an art gallery I sometimes think.

Warm hugs to you (clean ticket from my end! Tired - but wihooo!)


Sara Louise said...

Fantastic images! Thanks for the telling us about them :-)

design traveller said...

Lorraine Pennington is such an amazing talent, her textures are fabulous!

Priscila Peters said...

Hello, Charlotta

I came across your blog visiting Casa Tres Chic.
I love all the images here. I'm a follower now...


Thank you for sharing the blog love, sweetie! I do love Global Atelier but I hadn't heard of the others. They look fabulous. Off to check out more now.

Hope you're having a lovely week! xoxo

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