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Guest post 07: Autumn by Kellie of 'Ada & Darcy'

Hi I am Kellie from Ada & Darcy, I live in a gorgeous suburb of Sydney, full of beautiful places to eat, lots of character and fabulous old trees. I live with my darling husband and two dogs - Lily and Molly; Cavalier King Charles who listen and agree to all my big ideas! 

We are moving in to Autumn in Sydney. The leaves on trees start to thin, and the air is starting to get that very soft nip early. When Autumn comes around I eat less gelato and enjoy more coffees and always wear opaque tights with skirts, I don't own a pair of pants and rarely wear my jeans!

I do tend to love this time of the year. You can still enjoy beautiful sunshine but you can also feel that cooler wind, yet it's still warm enough to sit outside and relish in the sun. I'm hoping for a mild Winter as I mostly can't stand getting into a cold car!

At the start of Autumn, I always love to buy some interesting new red wine glasses for the season ahead - the perfect excuse! And, to sleep in later of a morning - to stay warm and snug for just that bit little bit longer than normal. Also, our espresso machine comes out, my Samantha Robinson teacups will be ready to be loved, and there will be an endless supply of chocolate biscuits..!

Summer time I love pretty florals and soft elegant styling, when Autumn comes around, I tend to love harsher bold stripes, strong colours and much edgier pieces. Still feminine but that little bit punchier, maybe I feel a little more adventurous in the cold.

I always pull out my favourite opaque tights and love to layer dresses and skirts with ballet flats, boots or pumps. I love soft silk scarfs tied in a bow on my neck and have my trench coats that are always such a wonderful accessory year on year.
My birthday also falls in Autumn, I'm dreaming of a gorgeous gold Mulberry bag... Perhaps a treat to myself...
Autumn tends to bring change in our home too. Last year it was white timber shutters, this year  it's glossy and glamorous chocolate timber floors. I'm also looking for a French settee, perhaps this is the season I will finally find what i am looking for... I've decided  I will also be changing our wallpaper in our bedroom to fuchsia pink and I'm having made a fabulous striped headboard made for us too.

Over the coming season, I hope to find more gorgeous and wonderful pieces for Ada & Darcy including more darling custom furniture, find the perfect retail spot to open the store at, and work towards my new home-wares and textiles line. Lots to do, but all very exciting.! And the weather being that little bit cooler I love to stay indoors, which will help me concentrate and focus on where I need to be. 

Thank you for the opportunity to guest post here Charlotta... 

Live, love, decorate! 
Kellie xx


Style Maniac said...

Hi Kellie, nice to see you here! Lovely post. And great tagline. I agree, "live, love decorate"!

A Casa da Vá said...

That is a lovely post, it is fun to learn more about Kellie and her great taste!

Karena said...

Charlotta thanks so much for featuring Kellie. I adore her and Ada and Darcy!!

Take care!!

Art by Karena

OneCraftyFox said...

Fabulous guest post, Kellie is so chic! I can only imagine how beautiful her home must be, she has such great taste.

Change in weather is always the perfect opportunity to purchase new accessories for the home. I was out shopping for new dessert bowls and tea cups today as spring is around the corner!!

First House on the Right said...

Fabulous to see Kellie here Charlotta and a great way for me to be introduced to your blog too! Nicolex

animal print gal said...

Beautiful post, I love your colors, great blog! Happy Autumn!

Sarah said...

Fabulous post Kellie! I wish I wore more skirts because I too love opaque tights with the right skirt!! Thanks for posting this Charlotta!

Rachel @ Little Bits of Lovely said...

Fab post, so lovely to see Kellie here! I too am loving the autumn weather we are having, it's the perfect balance of suhshine and non-sweltering weather xx

Tina said...

Oh Wow, Autumn sounds fun i Australia!!!
Colorful and inspiring post!
Good luck on your new home line, sounds very exciting and I´m heading right over to check your place out a little bit closer!

SAM said...

Gorgeous Post from Kellie. I am a Sydney girl too and yes! It's gorgeous here. Love Kellie Collis and all her lovely things at Ada and Darcy.

Kellie R

Life love, clutter and other beautiful things. said...


Casa Très Chic said...

Beautiful post, last week I saw green glasses just like that one in the second image, of course, I have to buy 10 at list.
Congratulations, you have a great taste.

Danielle {freshquince} said...

Sweet post! Hope you enjoy your Autumn as much as I plan on enjoying my Spring! xx Danielle

Daniel said...

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Bahar Karaoglan said...

Wonderful photographs, I love the Chanel Bag so much! <3

Best wishes!

Lumo said...

Love those Samantha Robinson cups, bough her bowl in Sydney last summer and have it on display on our dinner table all the time.

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