Friday, March 18, 2011

Life, love, and Elvis lands on my gate..

G'day darlings!
Today is one of those rare days when I am allowing my self some 'time off'. It's been intense lately and life has pulled me left, right and center for sure. But right now and here I am sitting down with a delicious 'Latte' to tell you a wonderful true story.. xx

The other day when the kids and I came home from school there was a beautiful 'Cockatiel' (bird) sitting on our front gate. I adore birds (!) - in fact I see them as my 'totem animal' - and was thrilled to see such stunning visitor. It was clear that this little friend was tame and that it had escaped from its home, so I gently took it inside to keep it safe whilst we called the vet.

The kids donated one of their beloved shoe boxes (the things they collect..sigh), punched lots of holes in the lid and lined it with a comfy tea towel - the perfect vessel for our new friend as we took him down to the vet's practice.
Cut to the next day.. I couldn't get the bird off my mind and so I went to see if it was still there. I was told that it had reconnected with it's rightful owner (relief!) and that she was going to call me, which she indeed did that same afternoon. Not only does it turn out that this girl is a former work friend (she works for Elle magazine) but the core of my (somewhat long winded) story is this..

A year ago this mother of two was diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer. She was given six months to live and though she is still alive (having come out of intense chemo) there is the prevailing likelihood of the cancer spreading to other parts of her body. To give her sons some comfort (and much needed distraction) they decided to by them each a bird. - as such two beautiful Cockatiels moved in.  Slowly these birds become symbolic of their mother's health and fight for her life, and their presence in the family grew more significant.
The other day their cages were placed on the lawn in their garden so that the birds could enjoy a bit of fresh air (aaww..). By accident one of the boys' visiting friends left the door to one of cages  open and 'Elvis' escaped (the other bird was in a separate cage)... The devastation was total! They all realized just how much the birds had come to mean to them as they continue to fight for a future & life together. The boys were  beyond distraught and my friend temporarily felt her strength & health deteriorate. They searched every tree in the area, called local pet stores and generally did everything they could to find their beloved friend.. They had nearly given up when the call came through from the vet telling them that Elvis (his name..) had found his way back, via a hole-punched shoebox in the hands of my children.. Can you imagine the relief..!?

When she called and told me the full story I was struck by how significant every action in life is. A twist of fate and a seemingly small act of kindness can make a huge impact on someone's life. I certainly didn't expect to be awarded with the knowledge that what we did meant so much, but now that I do I feel so full of love and light. The children and I are invited over to my friend's house next week so that we can all hug and talk about how & why this bird brought us to reconnect.. and I can't wait!

Live life laughing together people & pet friends, for every day counts!

xx Charlotta

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This morning I received an email from my dear friend Lene (of 'The Essence of the Good Life')

She mentioned she had found my 'art blog' (HERE) and that she wanted to post some of my works over at her cyber corner. Little did I know that she would do such generous feature and I felt so appreciated and wrapped up in love when I had read her post. Thank you again Lene, you have a heart of gold! xx


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A Perfect Gray said...

charlotta, what a beautiful story and a wonderful re-connection with an old friend. amazing, isn't it? the paths that lead us to others...

I am glad a blogging path led us (me) to YOU!


jeanette from everton terrace said...

I love this story. It's so touching and exactly how I think life works, no accidents. Wonderful wonderful wonderful!

Style Attic said...

Dear Charlotta,

I just finished my post for today and I think we were channeling the same sentiments! Your story though, oh WOW, is amazing. I don't think that was by chance and the reunion that has come out of that bird taking flight is remarkable. You know, one of the best songs Elvis ever sang had the words "Love Me Tender, Love Me True, Never Let Me Go".

If it wasn't 1:39 am my time, I could have read this to my kids for a night story. We always pick someone or something to pray for, they would love this happy ending.

Have a wonderful visit and I know you'll enjoy every moment with her.



Blue Fruit said...

Oh my, if this hasn't made me sit here with tears streaming down my face!

What a beautiful story, and what a beautiful thing you did. Just thinking, what if you went to another vet around the corner, or what if the little fellow had perched in somebody else's garden. What if, what if. Sliding doors and all that.

And this week, amongst all the sadness of Japan, yet again it shows just how the little things in life {love, kindness, sharing} are absolutely the most precious.

It's me said...

Beautiful story.....Charlotta.......have a nice weekend

Ans said...


Anzu said...

Oh my goodness. Your story made me cry and I'm sitting in the office (oops!). How amazing.
Love the picture of the cat jumping too

Lumo said...

What a story... It reminds me of my dearest friend who passed away last fall after a long, very brave fight against breast cancer. She also got a lot of strenght form her beloved pets and small acts of kindness her numerous friends showed her.

Thanks for helping the family to rejoin with their bird and I hope your friend will have a long remission to be with her family.

anita said...

I truly believe that Elvis flying to *your home* was not a coincidence.
I will carry this story with me today, Charlotta, and I will be watching for (and open to) my higher power's presence.

caroline @ patagonia gifts said...

oh Charlotta, you always have the most amazing stories to tell! how is it that all these magic things happen to you? you must be always with your mind and heart open... that's why. have a lovely weekend, darling friend! xo

Design Elements said...

touching story, Charlotta. love it..

p.s.: heart goes out to Japan

It's me said...

Yes darling we lost the father of our best friends...sad weekend.....

Tina said...

Such a wonderful and happy story!!! Life is magic that way!
Happy weekend sweetie!

Rachel @ Little Bits of Lovely said...

Oh my goodness what an inspirational story, how completely incredible! Thank you for sharing this with us Charlotta, it is so lovely to be reminded how easily magic can touch you. My heart goes out to Japan and the deep tragedy people are experiencing, it is too awful. Thank you for sharing this link xo

Splendid Willow said...


What an adorable story. Elvis knew what he did when he landed on your gate! And from that new friendship formed.

Love to you and your beautiful and animal loving kiddos.

ox, Mon

Carole said...

A lovely story Charlotta and very well told.
I'm also chuckling over that cat bouncing on the bed! xx

michele at hellolovelyinc said...

your story was compelling. thank you for sharing it and allowing the beauty to reach far and wide which the best stories always do. this one will stick with me for awhile.


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