Sunday, December 16, 2012

Yin & Yang Christmas...

Have a real crush on those little pine trees - especially in conjunction with the pretty flowers. To me it is a very successful marriage between soft & hard, colour & neutral, and feminine & masculine.

The balance between detail vs void, busy vs quiet, colour & white makes this room work.  
Clustering the focal points and allowing the rest of the room to breathe is a very clever way of creating a visual impact without cluttering or overwhelming the eye. To me there are two main 'anchors' in the room - the tablescape and the left hand side window decor. Nothing else is needed.

Leaving the soothing & clam atmosphere of the dining room one is met by a symphony of impressions through the Christmas tree. A little twisted, uneven and imperfect it creates a lovely contrast to the balanced feel of the previous room.

 images via Bo Bedre


simone antoniazzi said...

These spaces are beautiful, I really like them.

Can I can you how much I just laughed at the comment you left me cheeky monkey!!! That is officially the funniest comment anyone has ever written on my blog ;)

Enjoy the snow, hope you & your family are well XX

Leslie Harris said...

Charlotta, what a lovely blog you have here. Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment, otherwise I wouldn't have found my way back. I've enjoyed this post because I've always felt an awareness of the yin and yang of life. It's a powerful sensation that's quite inexplicable and I think all of us who style and decorate and create art instinctively feel this.
By the way, your son Oscar is adorable. Love those blue eyes!
Blessings to you,
Leslie (aka Gwen Moss)

Anci said...

Balans är viktigt, både i livet och vid inredning :)


5th and State said...

so perfectly said, not overdone, creating important focal points and embracing imperfection, purely lovely dearest
christmas blessings to you!

Beadboard UpCountry said...

Love this, Charlotta!!!The way the different chairs all hook up, the way the tree looks like it is looking at you with it's head cocked to the side..... a Real xmas not decotaror type.....Inspiring. Thanks Maryannexo

A Perfect Gray said...

amazing, charlotta, especially the dining space. all that white has my heart. and you are right, balance is so key!

love to you and your family...donna

Little Rus said...

Absolutely beautiful! Love the first idea so much - will probably use it for my own Christmas dinner. Thank you for sharing! X

LadyBurk said...



Charlotta Ward said...

Hi all and thank you for your comments - I adore them! xx

Simone. Ha ha! I too had such a giggle when I realized they weren't what I thought they were.. :)

Leslie, thank you for following me back here. Your blog is thought provoking and heartfelt. I spent a while there, reading and reflecting. Thank you. x



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