Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Workrooms on my mind..

School has recommenced after a long and much needed break for
my beautiful son Oscar. Though it has been magic to have him home
for so long and be able to spend some one-on-one time with him, 
I am relieved to be able to go back to work on a couple of paintings
for local Clients. I am eager to get my workroom and myself in gear
and am generally dreaming about spaces like these..

Well I say 'workroom' but who am I kidding!? There would
be no working done here what-so-ever. Not with that view!

 I love that crazy wall and the fact that the ceiling height
goes on for ever. A mezzanine level - yes, that is what I 
need!! And a fantastic ladder like that! How brilliant!

A little too much like an interrogation room for my taste,
but taking the room apart I love the individual pieces.
Also this strict nothingness appeals to the very tired mother
in me.. No clutter. No mess. No piles of stuff every where.. :)

And yes, this is meant to be me (isn't for real tho'..) and
how I should be looking when I work (only I don't..).
Would love a space like this! Another fabulous ladder!
Lots of light through fantastic steel framed windows (my
favourite kind..) and a wonderful destressed brick wall.

My real studio / workspace is so small that I currently have to
paint in the dining room as the canvas I am working on is quite
large (1m x 1.2m). The lack of space isn't really because the
room is small, it's because my enormous stacks of stuff make it
feel very small. When we moved to this place we down-sized
quite considerably and I now simply don't have enough room for
my books, magazines, paper stock, canvases, paints... you know, bits.
It's actually quite nice to relocate temporarily and I find myself
quite focused out there in the dining room. Progress is being made.
Will share the painting over at my work blog once it is done.

xx Charlotta

Credits: 1. Pretty Lovely, 2. Anamargt Tumbler roll, 3. VT Wonen, 4. Sanctuary


s a n s k u :) said...

wow, love the flower wall too!

Alexandra said...

I really think that a great view from a working room can make a great inspiring difference.

Splendid Willow said...

Mon Dieu! Look at that first image. I don't know if I would get anything done - if I had that view! Ohhh!

Can't wait to see your artwork. (And I might commission you to do something very soon!). When you are ready, send us to your blog work blog or let us know here - so we don't miss it!

Tons of hugs.


A Casa da Vá said...

omg that wall with the illustration is so fabulous! maybe i should give it a try...

Charlotta Ward said...

Hello lovelies.

Sansku - yes, itsn't it great. Like a gigantic and beautiful doodle pad! Love it!

Alexandra - Oh yes a view like that makes all the difference! It takes me from focused working girl to distracted dreamer! :)
Love Paris from the bottom of my heart and miss living in France!

Mon-sis-love - I know.. would probably not even be in the room if I lived in Central Paris.. that town is too much fun to miss out on. :)
Thanks for your sweet words on my artwork. Of course I will share - should be done by early next week. Will drop a notice here.
I'd love to do something for you dear. Just yell out!

Hi Vanessa and welcome here! I love meeting new friends and hope that you will visit often.

Happy hump day!

xx Charlotta

alli/hooray said...

I am sold on the first space. I completely love the view!

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